Games to play instead of reviewing Metal Gear Survive

Disclaimer – A review for Metal Gear Survive is in the works but it’s such hard going when you previously enjoyed Metal Gear Solid titles that I thought I’d pop a few thoughts out there for you to read. If your curious why I’m taking this stance check out my Beta experience opinion. Warioware Quick thinking, fast reactions and able to analyse and react to any situation, that’s what you need in Metal Gear but it’s also the same for WarioWare. There’s a new Wario Ware game in the works! We’re all hopeful it’s better than Mario Party: The Top … Continue reading Games to play instead of reviewing Metal Gear Survive

Games to play on Valentines Day

….You know its coming, you’ve made plans, you’ve not made plans, you’ve asked someone out and they said yes then no. Well fear not lonesome stranger or even the happy few, Elderlygoose has given it some thought and I have a list of games for you. Hotline Miami / everything – A tale of romance and action, violence and hate. What more is there to say, this game is great! Alien Isolation / PS4 – In the Lord of the Rings we all saw bromance between an Elf and a Dwarf, but this is so much better, a human and … Continue reading Games to play on Valentines Day

50 Shades SUCKS – So play The Sexy Brutale on Steam instead… Prize Draw

Snazy title I know! So it’s that time of year again, where being single sucks. Everywhere you go you see couples like some kind of strange apocalypse scenario where only people who are paired survive and that’s why they’re so smug. On the flip side, being single is awesome for many reasons that you can see on any other day because you as an individual are special and you don’t need another to complete you. Well this applies to you, I mean I found myself the perfect wife so I suppose I’m ok if the apocalypse comes. Still anyways I’ve … Continue reading 50 Shades SUCKS – So play The Sexy Brutale on Steam instead… Prize Draw

The Sexy Brutale – PS4

This one has been on the radar for a while, quirky indie looking game with murder and interesting plot. Lets see if this really was Game of the Year 2017 material or if it’s best off staying in last year with all the other horrors. What better way to start the reviews for 2018! As soon as you start up the game it’s off to a great start and personally sets the tone for the entire game. The title screen music is so good I’ve sat and listened for a good few minutes and the brilliantly crafted artwork just sells … Continue reading The Sexy Brutale – PS4

Special Christmas Giveaway – 2017!

Goose Giveaway! 2017 Under the tale comes fun! *Edit – the Competition has now ended! Thanks for all that took part! 2017 has been a bit mad hasn’t it? Who’d have thought so much would have happened to make you question your humanity so quickly! Well have I got a special thing for you here, just a little something to say thank you for your support to the website and if your lucky a nice treat before Christmas Day! The competition opens Sunday Christmas Eve from 9:00am and closes Sunday Christmas Eve at 6pm! So be sure to click the … Continue reading Special Christmas Giveaway – 2017!

Monster Hunter World – Exp Ops

So the Beta is over and you either missed your chance or your hungry to read anything and everything about the game. Here’s a nice little bit for you to enjoy then, some words on my experience in the world of Monster Hunter. Another Experience/Opinions piece! I’m no stranger to Monster Hunter. My ‘new’ 3Ds XL is the red limited edition Monster Hunter Generation version! That being said I’ve never really ‘clicked’ with the series and as much as I enjoy the games they’ve never grabbed me as much as I’ve seen it’s fans. A new game always has my … Continue reading Monster Hunter World – Exp Ops

Limited edition bundles that should exist

A new Star Wars PS4 is nice and all but it’s so by the numbers… well here’s some concepts that aren’t. Splatoon2 – Switch Obviously serious one this. The official bundle just had a different pro controller and brightly coloured joycons . What it needed was Nickelodeon level plastic squidgyness all over it. Both joy cons extended out in strange and impractical ways and the doc a pink, green mess of splatted ink. You ‘click’ the left joycon on for “your a kid now” and the right joycon for “your a squid now”. Doom – Xbox one S Fully embracing … Continue reading Limited edition bundles that should exist

Tasty Tie-ins

So with Shadow Of War dipping into food promotion and Destiny2 skipping red bull and going straight to pop tarts what does the future hold? Well I’m here to tell you, it’s tasty! Mario Odyssey + Galaxy Chocolate = Galaxy Red Velvet Edition Missing out on the obvious Mario Galaxy tie-in Galaxy chocolate are now all set to produce a special “red velvet” bar especially for the release of Mario Odyssey! The tag line goes, “Tastes so good you’ll feel possessed by a demonic hat to!”. Yorkshire Tea + Total War: Warhammer II = Yorkshire Warhammer “Tastes of WAAAARRRR”, Yorkshire … Continue reading Tasty Tie-ins