Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap – PS4

Wooonderboooooy, what is the secret of your power? Apparently it’s getting transformed by a magical ball of blue flame! We all know this has been out for a while (since April 2017) on PC/PS4/Switch/Xbox1/Linux/Mac but it’s only just recently had a physical release (13th Feb 2018). With all that said. Is now the time to dive in? If you’ve ever played a Nes/MasterSystem action platformer in your life you’ll know exactly what to expect from Wonder Boy. A high level of difficulty even on the lowest setting, amazingly quirky ideas, some obtuse gameplay and a metroidvania aspect of powering up … Continue reading Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap – PS4

Birthday Bash Goose Giveaway! – 2018

The first Goose Giveaway for 2018! Stories are to be untold! Update; So the competition for Stories Untold is now over and our winner is…………….. Nerf Guy! I’ve popped you an email and hope you enjoy! 2018 is already underway and I’m a whole year older and so what’s the best way to celebrate? Well have I got a special thing for you here, just a little something to say thank you for your support to the website and if your lucky a nice treat for the weekend! The competition opens TODAY from 10:00am and closes Tomorrow at 6pm! So be sure to … Continue reading Birthday Bash Goose Giveaway! – 2018