Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – iOS

Why am I writing this now? There are currently no events, no special reasons to go back in and play this free to play time-sink. Well being sick limits your interactions to video games and a simple mindless mobile game can be just what the doctor ordered. Is this the case with ACPC? Or is it just another terrible freemium money grabber? I’ve owned every Animal Crossing video game, There I said it. I’ve even bought consoles such as the 3Ds literally just to play the next iteration of the series. It’s criminal it never showed up on the WiiU … Continue reading Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – iOS

Concept – Spin Doctors

Mobile sim/clicker game. You work as a government spin doctor/GP. Every hour or so a RND generates an event that you have to “spin” while also managing your waiting queues as a GP. Your boss is the same for both jobs and belittles you for one (the GP) and created problems for the other (the spin). If you don’t keep to your targets as a GP you lose your job (game over) and if the ‘event’ doesn’t go well enough times your boss blames you and you get fired (an MP would throw the spin under a bus to keep … Continue reading Concept – Spin Doctors