Special Christmas Giveaway – 2017!

Goose Giveaway! 2017 Under the tale comes fun! *Edit – the Competition has now ended! Thanks for all that took part! 2017 has been a bit mad hasn’t it? Who’d have thought so much would have happened to make you question your humanity so quickly! Well have I got a special thing for you here, just a little something to say thank you for your support to the website and if your lucky a nice treat before Christmas Day! The competition opens Sunday Christmas Eve from 9:00am and closes Sunday Christmas Eve at 6pm! So be sure to click the … Continue reading Special Christmas Giveaway – 2017!

RabiRibi (PS4)

I’ve been avoiding this review. Thinking about anything other than this. Seriously unprofessional I know but I’ve hated thinking about this game. You know when you learn how CGI is made and you watch a film like Dungeons and Dragons and just cringe so many times yet feel sorry for the makers who clearly worked far too hard on it? When you see documentaries of beaming pride when you know the end result is just a mess of too many ideas crammed into unworkable nonsense? RabiRibi is that for me. I love anime style videogames and there are so many … Continue reading RabiRibi (PS4)

Blue Reflection (PS4)

Sometimes I like to step out of a comfort zone, challenge myself, try something a little different. So when I saw Blue Reflection a Jrpg about Schoolgirls and Ballet I figured “Why not?”. I’ve an experience of magic girl anime and various JRPGs I’ll be fine…… So as I go into this with only a faint understanding of what the game is I’m expecting Puella Magi Madoka Magica mixed with Persona and maybe FFX-2. The main story the main driving force to continue through the game. It focuses on Hinako a famous child ballet dancer who severely injured her knee … Continue reading Blue Reflection (PS4)