Happy Dungeons (PS4)

I love mmos. It may surprise you given my opinion of Destiny 2 (click here for more on that), but if an mmo sells itself as such I’ve no problem with it. If anything they are a greatly different type of game entirely and free to play ones can be absolutely astounding. They have to get the balance right between grind and fun but if they nail it you can get some serious mileage, is Happy Dungeons one of those gems? Pretty much yes but it’s not a diamond, more a nice Pearl. There was once a little known free … Continue reading Happy Dungeons (PS4)

Games that feel British

Depressing, grey, typically down trodden and generally a bit rude; we the British love to be an accurate representation of our climate. Queuing, the stiff upper lip and the moments of pure energy and joy when the sun or snow finally appears…. Out of season so we can complain about that to. Anyways here’s some games that reflect our amazingly positive take on existence. Heavy Rain – clues in the title. Grey, brown and orange. The colours of the modern fps genre for a few years sum up the vast majority of this title and despite the few highs the … Continue reading Games that feel British