Dragonball FighterZ – PS4

Kaaaameeeeehhaaaameeeeehaaaaa! There we go. That’s another Late to the Party review done. Rinse and repeat surely? I’ve obviously been a little excited for this with the beta winning against Dissidia and the various ways to deal with the cravings. So was it worth the wait? Short answer, yes. Just watch the intro for more. It’s like every kind of anime Dragonball fan-service in rock cgi glory. Rock, GOKU, Rock, VEGETA, Rock and so on. They’ve nailed that Guilty Gear esque metal smashing madness into muscles and flashes of light. Oh the game? Well it’s good as well I suppose… Seriously though, … Continue reading Dragonball FighterZ – PS4

How to deal with Dragonball FighterZ cravings

So after playing the Dragon ball FighterZ beta you’re left needing more? It’s slightly better than Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (as you can see here) but you’ve no access to play it, what now? How do you wait until Friday 26th January? I’ve personally watched all 291 episodes of DragonballZ (not all the films mind but some of them) dubbed. I’ve watched a few episodes subbed and a few GT but that’s a lot of KAMEHAMAHA. I’ve also played the games since the obscure japanese snes fighters, gba rpgs, the truely terrible PS1/Saturn games, all of the Budokai Gamecube and PS2 … Continue reading How to deal with Dragonball FighterZ cravings


It’s been a funny old-time for January 2018, It’s typically a dry period for video game releases where we regret eating too much, catch up on Christmas presents and dig into the New Year sales that GOG and Humble Store provide. This year we seem to have numerous Beta Tests and big titles getting their releases within a short period of time. I’ve already covered the fantastic Monster Hunter World Beta that has continued to run on and off this month (click here for those first impressions). This weekend was another busy one but a little different not 1 but … Continue reading DRAGON BALL FighterZ Open Beta VS DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Open Beta – Exp Ops

Tekken 7 (PS4)

So this ones been out for a while now *checks* blimey 2 years! Doesn’t time fly. What better time to do a late to the party review! It’s been patched, updated and the launch window is now a distant memory. Time to see if it still is the king of the iron fist. The most important part of any fighting game is its core and thankfully after 7 iterations and multiple spin off this is the best it’s ever been. The combat flows brilliantly. If you’ve ever played a Tekken game you’ll be able to pick up and play this. … Continue reading Tekken 7 (PS4)