It’s ‘Boss day’ – The best bosses

So it’s boss day today, and I bet you didn’t even know! Shame on you! Still to make you feel better, I have graciously provided you with words on the best bosses in videogames. Now if you could just go ahead and work on Saturday, that would be great. Bowser – leader for the downtrodden He’s long been the villain of the peice but look deeper and Bowser is the working gombas hero. When he gets power he uses it, builds a fortress and helps populate his new land with his friends. The fact that he’s always a well balanced … Continue reading It’s ‘Boss day’ – The best bosses

Games that feel British

Depressing, grey, typically down trodden and generally a bit rude; we the British love to be an accurate representation of our climate. Queuing, the stiff upper lip and the moments of pure energy and joy when the sun or snow finally appears…. Out of season so we can complain about that to. Anyways here’s some games that reflect our amazingly positive take on existence. Heavy Rain – clues in the title. Grey, brown and orange. The colours of the modern fps genre for a few years sum up the vast majority of this title and despite the few highs the … Continue reading Games that feel British

Great Videogame – TV Show Mashups

For no particular reason and in no particular order, here are some particular pitches. RINGS – (Sonic R) – Sonic the hedgehog and his entourage star in a “jackass style” show. Where they get together and do stupid stunts to see how many creative ways they can get rings knocked out. The series is cut short when knuckles punches a mound of c4 and accidentally blows up half of Detroit. YOUR PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE – (Mario is Missing) – Luigi is a light hearted plumber who has to make sense of the human world through gruesome deaths resembling his best … Continue reading Great Videogame – TV Show Mashups

Tasty Tie-ins

So with Shadow Of War dipping into food promotion and Destiny2 skipping red bull and going straight to pop tarts what does the future hold? Well I’m here to tell you, it’s tasty! Mario Odyssey + Galaxy Chocolate = Galaxy Red Velvet Edition Missing out on the obvious Mario Galaxy tie-in Galaxy chocolate are now all set to produce a special “red velvet” bar especially for the release of Mario Odyssey! The tag line goes, “Tastes so good you’ll feel possessed by a demonic hat to!”. Yorkshire Tea + Total War: Warhammer II = Yorkshire Warhammer “Tastes of WAAAARRRR”, Yorkshire … Continue reading Tasty Tie-ins