Wolfenstein: The New Order – PS4

2014 seems a lifetime ago. Well 4 years to be exact, still we know how games are hard to keep track of. Occasionally a big hitter will slip by you if not for budget or time constraints. Wolfenstein has always been on “the list” and the sequel is high on it but other releases got in the way and one thing lead to another and I’m running out of excuses damn it. Finally I’ve made time to go kill nazis! I’ve needed this more than I realised. A well crafted tightly made, Bond/Indiana style brain-off kill Nazi first person shooter. … Continue reading Wolfenstein: The New Order – PS4

Metal Gear Survive – PS4

Well I’ve played the beta and I’ve put off playing this as long as I could. Time to get on with the review and let you lovely people know if it’s as bad as it looks. Contrary to its packaging, Metal Gear Survive is not a stealth action video game. Just in the same way Destiny isn’t a fantastic story based shooter, both are MMO games dressed in a different genres clothing. On the disc (or download purchase) is a client that allows you to sign in and play the game purchased. In both of these games the online game … Continue reading Metal Gear Survive – PS4

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – iOS

Why am I writing this now? There are currently no events, no special reasons to go back in and play this free to play time-sink. Well being sick limits your interactions to video games and a simple mindless mobile game can be just what the doctor ordered. Is this the case with ACPC? Or is it just another terrible freemium money grabber? I’ve owned every Animal Crossing video game, There I said it. I’ve even bought consoles such as the 3Ds literally just to play the next iteration of the series. It’s criminal it never showed up on the WiiU … Continue reading Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – iOS

Dynasty Warriors 9 – PS4

“If you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all”, an adage that’s pretty much how you should go in life. Still I’m not a religious man but, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” has always sat better with me. Why am I thinking such deep thoughts about a game review you ask? Well, I played Dynasty Warriors 9 at ComicCom last year. It was fun but there were a few niggling issues (also minor frame rate issues), so I figured they’d be patched by release and the rest of the game would … Continue reading Dynasty Warriors 9 – PS4

50 Shades SUCKS – So play The Sexy Brutale on Steam instead… Prize Draw

Snazy title I know! So it’s that time of year again, where being single sucks. Everywhere you go you see couples like some kind of strange apocalypse scenario where only people who are paired survive and that’s why they’re so smug. On the flip side, being single is awesome for many reasons that you can see on any other day because you as an individual are special and you don’t need another to complete you. Well this applies to you, I mean I found myself the perfect wife so I suppose I’m ok if the apocalypse comes. Still anyways I’ve … Continue reading 50 Shades SUCKS – So play The Sexy Brutale on Steam instead… Prize Draw

Dragonball FighterZ – PS4

Kaaaameeeeehhaaaameeeeehaaaaa! There we go. That’s another Late to the Party review done. Rinse and repeat surely? I’ve obviously been a little excited for this with the beta winning against Dissidia and the various ways to deal with the cravings. So was it worth the wait? Short answer, yes. Just watch the intro for more. It’s like every kind of anime Dragonball fan-service in rock cgi glory. Rock, GOKU, Rock, VEGETA, Rock and so on. They’ve nailed that Guilty Gear esque metal smashing madness into muscles and flashes of light. Oh the game? Well it’s good as well I suppose… Seriously though, … Continue reading Dragonball FighterZ – PS4

Mud runners a Spintires game – PS4

Who doesn’t love Euro Truck Simulator? I know that’s not the subject of this review but bear with me there is a point. Sometimes all you want to do is play a light simulator, pop on a podcast or some music and relax. Then other times you want to play something a little more complicated like Train Simulator|TS2018. Spintires has always been described as a mud simulator and it definitely straddles the ground between light and heavy, a solid medium simulator. Mud runners does not start off on its strongest foot, instead it slips deep in the mud and falls … Continue reading Mud runners a Spintires game – PS4


It’s been a funny old-time for January 2018, It’s typically a dry period for video game releases where we regret eating too much, catch up on Christmas presents and dig into the New Year sales that GOG and Humble Store provide. This year we seem to have numerous Beta Tests and big titles getting their releases within a short period of time. I’ve already covered the fantastic Monster Hunter World Beta that has continued to run on and off this month (click here for those first impressions). This weekend was another busy one but a little different not 1 but … Continue reading DRAGON BALL FighterZ Open Beta VS DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Open Beta – Exp Ops

The Sexy Brutale – PS4

This one has been on the radar for a while, quirky indie looking game with murder and interesting plot. Lets see if this really was Game of the Year 2017 material or if it’s best off staying in last year with all the other horrors. What better way to start the reviews for 2018! As soon as you start up the game it’s off to a great start and personally sets the tone for the entire game. The title screen music is so good I’ve sat and listened for a good few minutes and the brilliantly crafted artwork just sells … Continue reading The Sexy Brutale – PS4