Limited edition bundles that should exist

A new Star Wars PS4 is nice and all but it’s so by the numbers… well here’s some concepts that aren’t. Splatoon2 – Switch Obviously serious one this. The official bundle just had a different pro controller and brightly coloured joycons . What it needed was Nickelodeon level plastic squidgyness all over it. Both joy cons extended out in strange and impractical ways and the doc a pink, green mess of splatted ink. You ‘click’ the left joycon on for “your a kid now” and the right joycon for “your a squid now”. Doom – Xbox one S Fully embracing … Continue reading Limited edition bundles that should exist

It’s ‘Boss day’ – The best bosses

So it’s boss day today, and I bet you didn’t even know! Shame on you! Still to make you feel better, I have graciously provided you with words on the best bosses in videogames. Now if you could just go ahead and work on Saturday, that would be great. Bowser – leader for the downtrodden He’s long been the villain of the peice but look deeper and Bowser is the working gombas hero. When he gets power he uses it, builds a fortress and helps populate his new land with his friends. The fact that he’s always a well balanced … Continue reading It’s ‘Boss day’ – The best bosses

Captain Obvious – Why Danganronpa is worth your time.

If you had asked me 10 years ago if I thought a visual novel on the Psp was a system seller I’d have told you to jog on. Also I would likely want to have a look at your time travelling technology! Cycle forward to many years later and my Psp collecting dust, I look up a list of “hidden gems” and find Danganronpa. Wowzers. Part visual novel, part action word game and part anime Saw adaptation. This game is dynamite. There’s a good reason it’s been ported to vita, PS4 and tablets. The story, artwork, puzzles and just everything … Continue reading Captain Obvious – Why Danganronpa is worth your time.

Games to play if you didn’t get a SNES Classic

So you didn’t happen to look at Twitter at the right moment to get in the ridiculous window of opportunity to buy a plastic toy with old games on it. So you can’t be arsed to think of anything else to do with yourself. So just have a look below and see some other titles you could be playing now for a lot less. Instead of; Super Metroid, Super Ghouls & Ghosts, Super Castlevania IV, Megaman X, Contra 3 Strider PS4/Xbox/PC Platforming blast action with a little exploring. It’s not a Metroidvania game in the most traditional sense (your better of … Continue reading Games to play if you didn’t get a SNES Classic

Games to play on a Day of Rage

So it’s a #DayOfRage where people are angry about the current setup of the UK government. Whether you agree or not here are some games to put you in the right frame of mind for a peaceful protest. Democracy3 Learn how it could work, should work and various other options. Then forget all that and play Civ instead. Mario kart 8 Perfect for building up commendatory with Multiplayer only to learn the harsh trusty of backstabbery from the blue shell. Then to laugh it off and have another go. Minecraft Creepers. Instant rage inducing creatures from hell. Forever cycling the … Continue reading Games to play on a Day of Rage