BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle – Exp Ops

Here we are at last. What is set to be the last BlazBlue in a long series of confusingly named titles with fantastic 2D anime fighting prowess. I still remember nearly breaking my thumbs playing the original on the Xbox360. Calamity Trigger was not to be taken lightly. Then followed the 3 other titles with additional releases for extras, artwork and DLC. It started to become common to have a release followed a year later by an ‘extend’ edition which also ended up heavily discounted when the next title came along. I’ve played them all but lost track of the story … Continue reading BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle – Exp Ops

Murderous Pursuits – Exp Ops

Hidden in Plain Sight, Assassins Creed’s Multiplayer, Town of Salem and Spy Party; All of these games throw multiple players into an area, task them with faking it as NPCs or innocent extras and murdering other players at the same time. Does Murderous Pursuits stand out as a savage devilish murderer or just another NPC in the background? I’ve played the beta so read on! If you’ve ever played the original Assassins creed Brotherhood/Revelations multiplayer then you’ll feel right at home here. After choosing your default character, colour palette and skills you drop into a third person sneakathon that will … Continue reading Murderous Pursuits – Exp Ops

Metal Gear Survive – Exp Ops

This is my 80-year-old chocolate youtube video. I know it’s going to be terrible, give me a sickness and I simply do it for the views. Metal Gear + Multiplayer zombie survival = something nobody has ever asked for (well except the Konami executive who wishes the game division would just go away). Still it could be a hidden gem. There are plenty of quality staff still desperate to release a good game and prove they can do it without Kojima lets see how it goes. Positive thinking, no good going into this expecting a trash fire of a game. … Continue reading Metal Gear Survive – Exp Ops


It’s been a funny old-time for January 2018, It’s typically a dry period for video game releases where we regret eating too much, catch up on Christmas presents and dig into the New Year sales that GOG and Humble Store provide. This year we seem to have numerous Beta Tests and big titles getting their releases within a short period of time. I’ve already covered the fantastic Monster Hunter World Beta that has continued to run on and off this month (click here for those first impressions). This weekend was another busy one but a little different not 1 but … Continue reading DRAGON BALL FighterZ Open Beta VS DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Open Beta – Exp Ops

Monster Hunter World – Exp Ops

So the Beta is over and you either missed your chance or your hungry to read anything and everything about the game. Here’s a nice little bit for you to enjoy then, some words on my experience in the world of Monster Hunter. Another Experience/Opinions piece! I’m no stranger to Monster Hunter. My ‘new’ 3Ds XL is the red limited edition Monster Hunter Generation version! That being said I’ve never really ‘clicked’ with the series and as much as I enjoy the games they’ve never grabbed me as much as I’ve seen it’s fans. A new game always has my … Continue reading Monster Hunter World – Exp Ops

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Beta – Exp Ops

So bit of disclosure; The misses and I love Star Wars. I just loved the games (KOTOR especially) but she loves the books and films so Battlefront was a bit of a surprising let down first time around simply being multiplayer battlefield with a nice Star Wars skin. Anyways with the amazing force awakens and rogue one, a new hope was lit, maybe this will be the one that drops the “release a tiny game and fill it later as dlc model?”. The ads seem to say so and John Boyega seems a cool guy! The force could be strong … Continue reading Star Wars Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Beta – Exp Ops

Gundam versus Beta PS4 – Exp Ops

Experience/Opinions – Not quite a review. Not quite a preview. Something else. So here’s where I sit in the fandom for Gundam; I own Gundam Seed on DVD but the model for Freedom remains in it’s box. I loved Endless Waltz but hated Wing. I’ve played almost every Dynasty Gundam game but never finished the Generations strategy ones. In short I understand it and I’m still trying to finish watching Unicorn but I couldn’t give you the technical specs of each robot. So as with the Destiny 2 Beta Exp Ops here’s a look into the mindset of an old … Continue reading Gundam versus Beta PS4 – Exp Ops