Concept – Mario maker 64

Quite a simple idea this one. Make a Mario Maker game but using Mario 64 as the engine/environment/assets. So you play through Mario 64 and each stage you complete you unlock the assets for, the tutorial being the first stage (rather than the hub). It would include up to 4 player simultaneous multiplayer functionality for no practical reason just for kicks. As with Mario Maker at finishing the tutorial it would unlock a few ‘concept’ levels with basic assets. So your probably thinking, “this sounds stupid! How would you easily make a level of 3D Mario?”. It’s simple when you … Continue reading Concept – Mario maker 64

Concept game: Wonder Woman – The Movie Videogame

Another videogame Idea/concept I’m sharing with you lovely people. God of war meets the Goddess of kicking ass, a short refined “experience” similar in length and graphical prowess to The Order but priced right and not terrible. In a more classic Ps2 videogame of the movie style. Uncanny valley 3D models, plot of the film, occasionally a comic book reference added. It wouldn’t be too demanding to make engine-wise but heavily demanding on making assets (even in a heavily stylised way). Gameplay would be broken up into 3 sections, combat areas where you needed to beat X amount to continue … Continue reading Concept game: Wonder Woman – The Movie Videogame

Concept – Spin Doctors

Mobile sim/clicker game. You work as a government spin doctor/GP. Every hour or so a RND generates an event that you have to “spin” while also managing your waiting queues as a GP. Your boss is the same for both jobs and belittles you for one (the GP) and created problems for the other (the spin). If you don’t keep to your targets as a GP you lose your job (game over) and if the ‘event’ doesn’t go well enough times your boss blames you and you get fired (an MP would throw the spin under a bus to keep … Continue reading Concept – Spin Doctors

Concept Game; Wolverine – Romulus

Concept idea – A new wolverine videogame based on the Romulus comics and theĀ X2: Wolverine’s Revenge gameplay. With the graphical style blending old and new comic cell shading. Essentially a game that allows for stealth and action approaches to any situation while telling the best sections of the Romulus arc of Wolverine. The twist is before you start a mission/level you are given a brief description of the enemy strength and rough idea of layout, you decide how to play it at that point (either Stealth or Action). You are penalised/rewarded according to how well you do against your choice. … Continue reading Concept Game; Wolverine – Romulus

Resident evil 7 teaser X Pokemon

A little idea Alex and I had, which I fleshed out over the week. Enjoy. Resident Evil 7 teaser demo, slightly cell shaded (black outline over existing textures). The house now full of dirty, rusted, filthy pokemon merchandise. You wake in the lounge to find a mannequin dressed as ash’s mum sitting on the sofa staring ahead. A notepad on the table saying, “I love you son/daughter”. You explore the lounge, all the pictures on the wall are of Professor Oak, Ash’s mum, a newly discovered pokemon and a torn out face (as if all the pictures originally had a … Continue reading Resident evil 7 teaser X Pokemon