Dino Galaxy Tennis – Switch

There are plenty of smaller titles that go under the radar on the Switch e-Shop. It’s kind of just the way it is given how many indie titles come out per month and chances are you’ve not heard of half of them. Dino Galaxy Tennis caught my eye not just for the bizarre premise of Dinosaurs playing tennis in space but the art style and air hockey-like gameplay looked like a fun way to spend some time. Is Dino Galaxy Tennis a galaxy of dullness or is it Dinomite?

At first glance Dino Galaxy Tennis is nicely fleshed out for a small switch game. You’ve a Story mode to play through 5 worlds with various matches and minigames or a VS mode for local multiplayer fun. You’ll be moving your dinosaur around a planet that acts like a goal, knocking meteors at your opponents planet to score. As with air hockey or Pong you’ll be bouncing it off the walls to get the best angle to get it past them and trying to get the best angles to win.

The gravity does seem to effect the ball and despite the ability to lob or volley for the most part you’ll be smacking the ball trying to build up meter for specials and super attacks. The most reliable key to winning is gaining powerups as they fly by, knocking the ball through them can give a ghost image to the ball, shield to your planet and various advantages. The use of jetpacks to move out from the planet and get extra momentum to the strikes is fantastic but you’ll find yourself falling too slow if you don’t plan ahead. It’s the same with the dash ability, sometimes zipping past and others nailing frantic dash strikes.

The pong-like gameplay can be both incredibly satisfying and mindbogglingly annoying. At times you’ll be getting really into Dino Galaxy Tennis, aiming a super shot just at the right angle and smashing to victory. Others you’ll be feeling like you should have returned a shot or watching as the ball spins right towards the AI opponents. The mix of fun and frustration is most felt throughout the story mode. If you play co-op you’ll find the regular matches fun but relatively easy. The minigames and bosses in co-op become almost impossibly difficult and switching to solo makes them tolerable but makes the matches more challenging.

Dino Galaxy Tennis looks cute and the aesthetic and flash really is what caught my eye at first. There is enough well drawn characters and stages that everything has a Saturday morning cartoon vibe that gels nicely with the writing. Menus are easy to navigate and everything feels like it’s aimed primarily at a younger audience. This does make the bonkers difficulty spikes at times and references in the writing a little peculiar but Dino Galaxy Tennis really is such a mixed bag this isn’t surprising.

In any tennis game you want the sounds to be good and Dino Galaxy Tennis gets this right. The music is enough that it gets a little looped at times but doesn’t really interfere too much. Dino Galaxy Tennis doesn’t have any voices but for a small title it doesn’t really need them as you’ll get through it quickly enough. The real fun is had in the multiplayer VS mode and the optional use of single joycons for 4 player is great. The inclusion of bots for 4 player or unbalanced teams is a nice addition and makes the VS mode the stand out winner of Dino Galaxy Tennis.

Dino Galaxy Tennis is a mish mash of a game. You’ve a decent sized story with 4 minigames that are a split 50/50 of fun and tedious. You can replay them after with local leaderboards (shame no online) and a decent VS mode. You unlock a character and stage for completing the story but the real fun is in the VS. It’s just the right kind of manic fun against human players that excuses a lot of the failings that playing against stronger AI has. You’ll find just as much frustration as fun with Dino Galaxy Tennis and it’s perfect for a quick multiplayer VS game but I’d skip the Story.

6/10 – Tennis is not the best sport for Galaxy Dinos but it’s still pretty rawsome

Review code provided by Forever Entertainment S.A check out them out here!
Dino Galaxy Tennis was Developed by VixaGames check them out here!

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