Oh no! More games to play in a UK heatwave

Melting away in the house, working through reviews, still counting down the days to the second vaccine, I have a flash of inspiration. Games to play in a UK Heatwave! Sam you’ve done it again! I check the site and realise; Wait. I am doing this again? I’ve already written this before and apparently there has been another point in time where I was such a mess I just blogged random stuff and blamed it on the Heatwave. Given a decent AC system in the UK is about the same price as a PS5 it’s going to be a while until this cycle breaks so for now let’s just enjoy some more cooling games and chill out already!

Subnautica > Mac, Windows, Xbox One/X/S, PlayStation 4/5 & Switch

Let’s start this list with a deep sea dive into a cool blue sea. Crashing into alien waters with just a life raft and a small sub to keep you going. Surviving on the scraps until you start to the explore the slowly sinking wreckage of your past spaceship. Subnautica is a perfect way to immerse yourself in some watery wetness. Imagine you’re under the sea, floating along and letting the cool oceans just carry you away. Just be sure to keep that harpoon on hand.

Islanders > Mac. Linux & Windows

A city builder may seem like an odd choice but the seaside remote village aesthetic in Islanders that comes complete with idealised lovely houses and themes makes this a great game to drift those long hot hours away. Just relaxing by the beach, visiting the temple, popping along to a resort and then finishing the day with a brewing of ale. Perfection that you can read more about here.

Maneater > Windows, Switch, PlayStation 4/5 & Xbox One/X/S

Under the sea, under the sea, life there is better, down where it’s wetter, when your a terrifyingly dangerous shark that eats anything and survives by eating humans… take it from me! Maneater is refreshingly easy to pick up and play and is the best kind of brutal arcade feeling fun. It’s a great time to sink your teeth into this and it’s on Game Pass to.

Spiritfarer > Mac, Linux, Windows, PlayStation 4, Switch & Xbox One

When it’s this hot, losing yourself in a visually stunning story can be just the ticket and Spiritfarer is the golden ticket to those feels. You’ll enjoy sailing the sea and building up your boat as you interact with lovable animal travellers and help them pass on. If you want to see more of Spiritfarer be sure to check out my partner’s previous streams over here on her YouTube channel! Alternatively if you prefer to watch them LIVE, head on over to her Twitch channel and sail away.

Final Fantasy X > PlayStation 2/3/4, Vita, Windows, Switch & Xbox One

At 20 years old it’s the perfect time to brush off Final Fantasy X and realise how fast you’re aging. How nothing will every stay the same but that laughing scene in Final Fantasy X is still the best bit of cringe the games industry has made in years. There’s a lot of water in FFX and with the sport of Blitzball and summer themes throughout, Final Fantasy X is perfect to relax to. Thankfully even the HD Remasters won’t push your consoles too much.

Sunless Sea > Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, PlayStation 4, Switch & Xbox One

When you just can’t deal with the sun anymore, you open the windows as best you can, shut the curtains, put on headphones and demand respite. It’s time to fire up a game and what better than Sunless Sea. No sun, just sea and tales of curdling madness in the dark depths. If you need any other ideas for games to play be sure to check out this handy dandy list here!

What to do you do to beat the heat? Be sure to comment below!

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