Atelier Arland series: Deluxe Pack – Switch

With the review of Atelier Meruru now complete it’s time to look at the Deluxe Pack as a whole. Is it worth the investment or is it best to pick out the best parts?

Atelier Rorona -The Alchemist of Arland DX is the highlight in the trilogy for me. Of the three games it has the most interesting story and character. There is also an extra chapter after completing the game (regardless of which ending you get) where Torori and Meruru travel back in time to when Rorona had finished the original story. It’s packed in the DX version of Rorona but it’s a nice way of closing out the trilogy and if you do play all 3 I recommend going back to this after.

Atelier Rorona -The Alchemist of Arland DX – 8/10 – check out the review here!

Atelier Totori really is the odd middle child of the series. The focus on adventuring throughout is really the best thing it has going for it and although Totori doesn’t have the same charm as Rorona the supporting cast are a little more interesting. It really doesn’t stand up the first game though so it’s worth giving it some space between the two.

Atelier Totori – The Adventurer of Arland DX – 6/10 – check out the review here!

Atelier Meruru is definitely the game in the trilogy I liked the least. There’s a unique design to the Arland series that starts off fresh and interesting and slowly devolves to simple tropes of watered down characters. The crafting is still incredibly enjoyable though and if you’re just focused on this aspect there’s a lot more to get on with here. It’s just a shame the performance isn’t great.

Atelier Meruru – The Apprentice of Arland DX – 5/10- check out the review here!

Overall the Arland Series Deluxe Pack’s value largely depends on how much fun you get from each aspect of the Atelier games in general. If you enjoy the crafting and designs of the characters you’ll get plenty of enjoyment from the trilogy. Although the Arland series is a trilogy the only connection between the games is the characters from the past being included in the next and it’s hard to recommend playing through them all just for that. Personally I’d pick Atelier Rorona DX and leave it at that but if you really want to get to grips with more alchemy than you will ever need, the trilogy is a solid buy.

Atelier Arland series: Deluxe Pack – 6/10

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