The Game Awards 2020

Too big for Twitter.. Hold on to your butts!

Preshow – but actually it’s the start of the show.
Devolver Digital has a cracking clip, ah never change Devolver.
Loop Hero – okaaay?
Tchia – Looks fantastic – El will love it.
Sea of solitude directors cut – Switch port? with more bits? Nice.
Shady Part of Me – oh wow! looks ace!
A new bands music. It was ok. Kinda Gorillaz like.
Century – Raid got a sequel? Oh DRAGONS SHOO… oh multiplayer combat focus. eh.

Show time!
It’s Brie! Time to breathe.
Bloody hell, Sephiroth in Smash yeah?
Perfect Dark – (Yes that one) Looks pretty cool.
Back 4 Blood – Left 4 Dead 3. Fair enough. Oh by the same creators to! Could be amazing then.
Scavengers – eeh looks ok.
Hood – What if For Honour but with a Witcher 3 soundtrack and more stealthy.
Forza Horizon 4 DLC – oh is that Cyberpunk? Oh it’s the car from it. Looks less buggy.
The Callisto Protocol – Weird but looks interesting. Dead Space Escapes from Butcher Bay?
Darktide – Looks amazing, probably can’t play it 😦
Open Roads – Looks bloody brilliant.
Another great ethical video but oh dear it’s from Facebook.
Valorant – nice Overwatch alternate
Doom Eternal DLC – …we all know my opinion on DE.
Disco Elysium Final Cut – March 2021!…. oh Ps4/Ps5.. oh.. ok cool. I guess. wait Switch and Xbox shortly after? HELL YEAH!
Sephiroph is gonna be pretty ace ey?
Dragon Age – NOT ACTUAL GAMEPLAY 😛 Nice logo and cgi. Guessing that guys important?
Endless Dungeoun – Looks ace!
Crimson Desert – Wow… just visually amazing but isn’t this a lot like Black Desert Online?
Overcooked all you can eat edition is getting free dlc – fair enough.
Warframe UT stuff – Damn I love Unreal Tournament but Warframe… jeeeez.
Warzone – more warzone/BlackOps stuff. eh.
Seasons – Looks really nice and chill and very much El’s bag. Hopefully not PS5 exclusive.
Ah Gal. Gal Gadot. Still not sure how the hell to watch WW84 other than Blu-ray.
Ark 2 – Vin Diesel fights a T-Rex. What more do you want?
Ark cartoon – Looks ok? David Tennant? Elloit Page? Whaaa? That cast list is nuts!
Fall Guys Season 3 – yep it’s snow joke. Stay frosty.
Elite Dangerous – Now with walking. I struggle to land let alone walk but love a bit of Bowie.
Outriders – wow that’s still a thing? Looks fantastic!
Fist – YES! THIS IS MY JAM! Rabbit mecha 2d action lushness. Why is it called FIST though.
Uncharted Movie? – Hours of spongy enemies and cover shooting.
Among Us deserves all the success it got. A literal Indie Game.
Evil Dead The Game – Wait the game? Wasn’t there already like 20? oh it’s coop pass.
GHOULS AND GHOSTS RESURRECTION – YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (for a hot second my heart skipped a beat and I thought it might be Power Stone)
Capcom Arcade Stadium – hmm yeah sure. Oh it’s a free hub for more dlc. Pass.
Returnal – PT and Anthem? okaaaay?
Super Meat Boy Forever – ah good to see it’s nearly here.
Road 96 – Looks absolutely amazing.
Josef Fares – Nice to see another unique game coming from this guy.
It takes two – Wow… Actually looks amazing. WOW. Love the design of this! 26th March 2021 is gonna be a blast.
Reggie! Gaming is for everyone… If you can afford it ofc 😛
ESO next expansion – ooo love these trailers. Oblivion is back!
Destiny 2 stuff – I keep losing track of how many expansions deep I am now.
Star Wars VR – Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. Hope it runs better on the PS4 or PC than it looked on Oculus.
Oddworld SoulStorm – Yep. Still looking forward to this.
Monster Hunter Rise – Looks like Monster Hunter on Switch 🙂
Ah a nice singer and song but thank god for the pee break.
Evil West – hmmmmmmm looks interesting….
Scarlet Nexus – eh watched plenty of it on TGS thanks. Looks really good.
Video games as medicine, hell I’ve been treating myself for years! Also Facebook? Eesh.
Thunder – Four player Coop PVP, passsss 😐
New Among Us map – As if Geoff isn’t the alien all along…oh he has a mask in the game.
Fortnite – I keep forgetting all the people they’ve added to this. Nice Halo drop there though.
Ninja and Red Vs Blue ey?….. weird. Are Fortnite players gonna know who they are?
Fortnite – The Walking Dead… Literally in everrrytttthiiinngggg now
Rocket League – still exists
Skyrim on Game Pass – Mind boggling that it implied there was new Skyrim for a second there.
More games on Game Pass – MORE YAKUZA YEAH BABY!
Just Cause Mobile – Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Oh 4 Player Coop and top down. Pass.
Fallout 76 – Continues to slowly redeem itself, little by little.
SMASH BABY! – Nobody uses Steve, MinMin is a lark tho. SEPHIROOOOTHHH!
Ruined King – League Of Legends – Lol is such a mystery to me. Wait a second. This is BATTLECHASERS! Oh it’s by the same makers. Fair enough.
Keanu! AT LAST! Not for GOTY? Weird.
GTA Online – Still a money maker.
Humankind – Really sounds ace hopefully a civ6 competitor.
Medal of Honour VR – Above and Beyond – okaaaaaaaaaaaay? Bit weird showing actual veterans.
MASS EFFECT – CONTINUATION OF N7?! ‘remembers Mass Effect: Andromeda‘ 😐 oh.
Music time to take a breather.. .oh that mix from Hades to Animal Crossing was stunning! Wow.
Oh GOTY to TLOU2… meh.



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