New potential Xbox Series special editions

ZeniMax Media is now owned by Microsoft, hands up if you saw that coming! If it had been EA or ActiBlizz my first concern would be that the smaller studios were likely to be gutted and sold on for parts to make the most overpaid CEOs in gaming a bit more coin. Thankfully Microsoft in recent years doesn’t have the worst track record for video games (A lot of the major talent had already moved on from Rare and Lionhead before the decline) What does that mean for Bethesda and the various studios under the ZeniMax umbrella? Hopefully it means that the employees jobs will remain secure and we can see some interesting use of existing IPs. If this means Fallout New Vegas 2 is on the table then that’s a silver lining at least. As we slide towards a Syndicate / Cyberpunk dystopia where a few corps own everything, lets have a look at a few concepts for the new Series consoles Microsoft could potentially sell without paying for the IPs. I’ve taken out the tablet, downloaded a ton of press pack images and you can see the results below…

Arkane Studios – Dishonored

A highly detailed print on the sides and a grey/green controller to match. This Series X makes the sound of a guard being stabbed each time it’s turned on and the fans inside occasionally sparkle.

MachineGames – Wolfenstein

Pushing BJ’s head on the controller wakes this Xbox Series S with a roar and as the fan speeds up the TV will play a clip of a Nazi being killed in a different and exciting way.

ZeniMax Online Studios – The Elder Scrolls Online

This custom Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s answer to the gold plated PS5. With a golden sheen to a white pearl finish and an extra back support to allow for the golden weight on the front, this console is 27x the price of a standard edition and includes extra horse DLC for ESO.

Bethesda Game Studios – Fallout 76

Avoiding the obvious Fallout New Vegas 2 edition Microsoft could have a nice simple finish to the Series S with a uranium powered controller and tiny Pip-Boy screen on the side, all designed to rust naturally.

id – Quake

id keep things classy with a monolithic Xbox Series X made out of cement and painted black. A literal Xbox brick is now made complete with the demure Quake logo and to complete the console, the sound of NIN will play when the console gets too hot.

Sadly I ran out of time before I could finish a console for Tango Gameworks but imagined it would be a fantastic death-trap inspired The Evil Within console. Alpha Dog Games would have a Series S in the style of Wraithborne and Roundhouse Studios would of course power a full Series X with Rune.

What do you think?


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