Video Game Vacations when you can’t go on holiday

No reason to be locked down in isolation, time to open up instead! Everyone’s holidays are being cancelled left, right and centre and it may feel like the world is spinning upside down these days but you can still find a little escapism to something new. What perfect time to try out a new combination of things and explore what this wide world has to offer? If you’re just looking for good games to play during lockdown that’s covered over here (as well as every review and award list) For now, lets broaden our horizons and explore new areas in a way that helps us get that holiday feeling!

Explore Friday night in Basingstoke with Welcome to Basingstoke

Party time

Have a few shots of Jägermeister, pop on some 90/00s Ministry of Sound albums and you’re already getting into the right mindset for Basingstoke. It shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s lived or worked in Basingstoke that even after an apocalyptic event to the town, it hasn’t changed drastically enough to not be familiar. Although the game only features a few noteworthy locations its English trappings are recognisable enough to any visit to a British town. Plenty of alcohol, music and a decent kebab will transport you away. Just be sure to keep the lights on while you’re there.

Ditch the travel guide and explore Appalachia in Fallout 76

new friends

I realise it’s hard to ignore all of the passes, dlc, transactions and Fallout 76’s attempts to cash in but the world is still a sight to see. Take a deep breath, let the Country Roads take you home and just soak in the foliage of a post nuclear wonderland. Having reviewed this shortly after launch (over here if you’re curious) I’m currently returning to the game again for the Xbox1X now it’s on Gamepass. It’s still a fantastic sight to see even if the shooting and questing is still lacking, the exploring is still enjoyable and the addition of NPCs makes it a much more palatable Fallout game. Just be sure to pop Poems, Prayers & Promises by John Denver on your playlist and eat some slightly out of date applesauce cakes while travelling to give the authentic experience.

Experience an action packed Ancient Egypt with Serious Sam: The First Encounter


Who has time for charming excursions or slow gentle strolls through the sand, you’ve headless explosive humanoids running at you! Packing a serious punch and dialing the adrenaline up to 11; It’s time to go back to the sun-kissed shores and ancient wonders of Egypt. Travel back in time while equipped with guns, chainsaws and a need to let off some steam. Every location is as busy as Venice in the summer and each wave of enemies is a satisfying challenge to overcome. A blast from the past or in lovely upscaled HD, it’s a perfect party piece, especially with some honey cakes and beer!

Leave your heart in San Francisco, racing in San Francisco Rush 2049

by booster

I’ve been lucky enough to travel around California before and let me tell you, San Fran is a stunning place. There are so many sights to see and the people were super friendly. What better way to experience the locale than speeding through a sci-fi rendering of the city. Grab a Dreamcast emulator or hunt down the original disc, build up some speed and you’ll be racing around the corners faster than a taxi making double fare. Grab a bottle of Anchor Steam Beer and some grilled seafood and be sure to be as raucous as possible.

Experience the wonders of New Zealand in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

New new zealnd

Ok look, I know the Witcher 3 isn’t set in New Zealand but hear me out on this. The drastic changes in climate, the high peaks and bountiful fields it could very well be. Also what better travel companion and guide than Geralt of Rivia? Grumpy, witty and knowledgeable. He’s sure to point out all the interesting tit-bits that a normal tour bus would miss. Visit taverns and landmarks not typically known to your average tourist and be sure to take plenty of pictures to bore your relatives with when you get home. Make a sweet bread, hum ‘toss a coin to your witcher’ and be sure to have a tankard of mead.


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