Some great games to play on Friday night

Brexit looms upon us.

BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT_20160213145040
I knew it! It was Facebook Advertising all along!

We’ve done everything we can to stop it but some of the worst of our country (and lets be fair the majority of Boomers and above) have succeeded in convincing a large amount of the population that Brexit is necessary. False advertising and a big old bus helped people believe Brexit was best for them and as of 11pm Friday the 31st of January 2020 the UK will no longer be a part of the EU. I know I’m not alone in saying this, but that sucks.

BLUE REFLECTION_20171109185300
A blue reflection

Obviously the talk of the day in politics and press is about the unifying of our country. It all feels a bit like telling those who voted against this mess to shut up and deal with it. Low-key “celebrations” will be occurring across the country for those 52% who voted for this slow-motion wreck but what are the remaining 48% of us to do? Time to dig out those well used coping mechanisms and how about we play some video games? Well here’s some titles that will help you with those feelings.

Hotline Miami

jam jam jam, lovely jam

What better way to deal with an establishment that’s deep-seated power over the public makes it feel invincible, than a quick violent action game with an astounding soundtrack! Playable on almost everything now, it’s easily accessible and a great way of blowing off some steam. If your phone rings while you’re playing you should probably just ignore it and not reach for that animal mask though. Best to have a cuppa tea and a nice trip through the acidic colours and jam making facilities.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™_20170714231436
Press [] to sink

If you’re feeling left out and alienated by a nation that seems to be moving on without you but in the wrong direction to anyone with a conscious, then this game might help with that. Playing through the story and balancing characters sense of injustice in a growing population with a need to keep on both sides (just to keep the peace) feels very on the nose for getting by with anything political these days. Just remember not to throw any vending machines at people in the real world.

Not Tonight

Sorry duck, no trainers.

Fancy a heads up on what to expect in future? Don’t want to wait for Watch Dogs: Legion
to see what could be coming for the UK? Well, Not Tonight is a great way of experiencing the worst case scenario! Even the super likely events that were detailed in the Yellow Hammer document didn’t touch upon this level of dystopia but don’t worry I’m sure there’s plans in action should things get this bad to still allow for Netflix. It’s very British to think that even when everything is burning down around us, the pub will still be worth going to for a few pints and to let the whole mess sort itself out in the end.


When the cogs finally start to shift and you realise how deep in it you are

Doom Eternal will be with us soon but for now the original will suffice. Rip and tear through demons to the powerful metal soundtrack and let all your cares and worries flow away with each satisfying beat down and bloody punch. Why worry about how the world is burning up and melting down when you can navigate the hellish landscape with a BFG and some pounding musics? Much more fun than navigating a hellish landscape of fake news and bot accounts. The DOOM soundtrack is an absolute smash as well so this will also help deal with the reality of being a lost shopper dealing with a pre-Christmas rush later in the year, the supermarkets becoming barren and confusing where baked beans will be a luxury item.

Animal Crossing

animal crossing press 1

Take a vacation from the grey cold misery and step into the luxurious world of LOLSVILLE. Enjoy some fishing, bug catching and village maintenance in whichever version you play but be sure to take it easy with the ability to customise everything. You don’t want it looking anything less than perfect but you don’t want Animal Crossing to consume all of your free time, there are chores to be done! Bright colours and a peaceful soundtrack will help calm your nerves and remind you that regardless how bad everything is, your animal friends will still be happy to see you. Even if you told them that the phrase, “FUCK THE TORIES” was cool and they say it at the end of every sentence.

Untitled Goose Game

*and not in a fun way

I’m not trying to include Untitled Goose Game in every list but I mean, this just fits. If you want a pick me up game where you can invoke petty justice upon a population that looks and acts like a very backwards Conservative voting village then you can’t go wrong with some honking fun here. It plays like you expect and has imagination and humour in buckets. What more could you honking want to distract yourself from what’s to come?

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