Can’t buy a house? Video games are here to help.

Even with a purely statistical look at the current situation, most 25-30 year old adults are finding themselves in a situation where house ownership is harder than ever. Finally getting a step onto a career path that makes sense when they leave education or their apprenticeships to find they will most likely have to move back home to parents, get a job outside of their field and continue to work until that position opens. Then work up the path to a position where finally the prospect of a decent wage starts to open the doors to a possible house.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar_20171202151730

During all of this your going to be saving for cash and we can’t underestimate this, you’ll need a lot of cash to buy a house and that sum needed is going up not down. That help to buy scheme that the Conservatives were loving to talk in the media still requires a 5% deposit on that house total and you don’t get the money from the scheme until you’ve bought the house (so it should be a help to redecorate scheme) Unless you’ve a relative that’s got the £ you’re in for the long haul. What do you do now?

BERSERK and the Band of the Hawk_20171022150033

Even when you rent a property you quickly find that the limits and drain on your finances will kill any grand plans you had. Still it’s not all doom and gloom, maybe that rusty old car you drive might survive another year and you might get by another day. Now it’s time to fire up some video games, fulfill that human need to build something and create a mark or a space that’s yours. Even if it’s only a superficial one, it’s special to you and that’s all that matters. That being said, here’s the top 3 titles that should help:


Minecraft: PlayStation®4 Edition_20180822194741

This is a fairly obvious time eater of a game. It maybe marketed to all ages and pushed more to a younger generation these days but you’ll be surprised at how satisfying it is to spend hours digging through a mountain and then cobble together a house. Starting from humble wood shacks, slowly upgrading to fill the spaces with items and decorations, creating defenses to protect from fires and accidental creeper explosions. Yes you can go adventuring and take part in various other activities but sometimes your castle in the sky just needs that extra wing for your guests and their pets.

The Sims 4 (or any of The Sims games)

The Sims™ 4_20171118104015

The Sims has been pure escapism for decades and the current iteration is the best version to get into (check out the review here) What better way to distract yourself from the fact that you are unlikely to ever create the house from your dreams because your dreams will change on a nightly basis? Escaping into a reality where you have your ideal job and it not only pays well enough to buy a house but change it on a whim. Build up a home that’s pure wish-fulfillment. If you get the balance right, a better job and work/life balance await you just be sure to check in on reality between sessions.

The Witcher 3

Crow's Perch

It may not promote a sense of settling down and building a home in the core experience but enjoying a well fleshed out story where almost every NPC has a written unique side quest definitely helps relate to the world around us. I realise the Witcher 3 has its huge following and the Netflix show has definitely become a powerful enough influence to get plenty playing past the first hour but there’s something incredibly satisfying to be had in wandering from place to place, still being able to find good-hearted people just trying to get by in a world of horrors and monsters. Not too dissimilar to the situation most people find themselves in if they cover any current news topics.

Apex Legends_20190215111454

We all need a little delight in our lives and there are plenty of other games and plenty of constructive experiences that can help with this. If it works for you then that’s fantastic! Keep at it! Hopefully one day social housing will get a little better and we’ll all be able to feel more settled and make a house a home. Until then we always have Animal Crossing.


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