VEIKK Graphics Pen Drawing Tablet A30

*A30 Graphics Pen Drawing Tablet provided for review by Veikk*

And now for something completely different…

It’s pretty swank out of the box

Who doesn’t love to doodle? I know every calendar or notepad I’ve ever owned has been full of doodles. All of various art styles, colours and sizes. This isn’t the first graphics tablet I’ve owned for PC and I used to while away hours colouring behind manga pages, relaxing away to good music while adding different shades and effects to whatever art had caught my eye that day. The old one I had was dreadful and the PC barely compatible but I’ve always had my eye on a new model. If only to see how far things have progressed since the days of Corel Draw. After a quick unboxing, plugging in the A30 tablet on Windows 10 and using Clip Studio Paint Pro I can safely say, times have changed for the better.

testing pressure.png
Testing the pressure to make sure it was working was a doddle

Arriving in a modern package is the Tablet, pen, a tool for changing the pens nib, spare nibs, a USB C to USB cable and a quick start guide. Everything was of a high build quality and downloading the software was painless enough. Setup was fantastically easy all the way through. Plugging in the A30 and waiting for Windows10 to sort out the drivers meant that the only reason to go to the Veikk website was to download the proprietary software. It’s worth doing this step though as it does allow the extra features to really work wonders.

pen software.jpg
Simple enough and once loaded the app is self explanatory

A graphics tablet essentially works like a mouse but with the added ability to detect the pen pressure, essentially acting as a click for various pressures. The pen with the A30 has a right click button and a third click button, both can be assigned different functions using the software. Once you fire up a compatible painting program it works incredibly well. You can easily dab, light strokes and stronger marks with ease. With Clip Studio the default option for these buttons are access to the colour picker and to switch between pen and eraser. It’s fantastic for a beginner and I found myself barely needing to tinker with any settings to feel comfortable drawing, painting or colouring away.

Fairy Tale trio.jpg
What better way to spend your time than making your favourite artwork into a JoJo masterpiece?

The A30 has a panel on the left (or right if you flip it) side that has numerous touch buttons and a square touch panel that reads motions. What this means in practice is that you can easily zoom into your artwork, hold a button to drag and use the pen all in tandem. The tablet only detects the pen pressure on the drawing area and touch pressure on the smooth button and motion area. It doesn’t detect your hand so you can rest it easily while applying different pressures with the pen.

pen software 2.jpg
There’s a lot to tinker with here

What more is there to say? It does what it says on the box. The pen is an interesting accessory when used with a PC. It doesn’t require batteries and there was no way to charge it but it does have the ability to change the nib and you pull it open without too much grief. All in all the A30 is surprisingly versatile with Windows10 and I found I could easily play Civilization 6 and switch music tracks or shift around the screen apps. There was a couple of issues with some apps that aren’t designed for a graphics tablet so you will still need a mouse and keyboard, albeit very rarely.

gaming on tablet.jpg
Civ6 is suprisingly playable, Doom and Frostpunk less so.

The A30 graphics tablet is exactly what it says it is. A really well made, functional graphics tablet that allows you to make your sketches on the screen with minimal fuss. It’s a little strange the pen has functionality with no charge or batteries but it’s worked flawlessly for the time I’ve spent using it. If you want to pick up a tablet and get creative, this is slab is a great one to get.

8/10 – 30 good reasons to get back into creativity

* A30 Graphics Pen Drawing Tablet provided for review by Veikk.
The Amazon listing for this product is here *


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