AAA look forward to 2020

We know how this works. What little Christmas spirit there was has already started to fade away and we cynically look forward to a new year of depressing politics, crammed schedules and changes to the diet to try and burn off some of that chocolate. I know I’m looking forward to 2020 and possibly the last year of video games before they’re all banned to try and reverse past that extinction event billionaires aren’t worried about. We have a bonkers influencer focused E3 and plenty (if not all games for 2020) crammed into February, March and April. A decade down and a new one to go, let’s take a broad look at 2020 and see what 2020 has for us!

Yakuza: Like a Dragon – 16th January


Following on from Fighters EX Layer this is the second big April fools joke that has become a unique video games release. Everything about this entry in the series looks bonkers and incredibly good fun. Yakuza always nailed that fine line between funny and serious story telling but this looks like it will be the extremes of everything. Looking forward to phone summoning and more bizarre mini-games!

Granblue Fantasy Versus – 6th February

Granblue Fantasy: Versus (Closed Beta)_20190601021841

I can already see this title skirting under the radar for a lot of fighting lovers. With Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, My Hero: One’s Justice 2, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late [cl-r] and probably Guilty Gear Strive all coming out in the same year this might not get a look in. A unique 2D fighter from Arc System Works that the beta really clicked with me (read about that here) One to keep an eye on.

Dreams – 14th February

My Creation - 17_4_2019_2.jpg

I’ve had Dreams since early access, the tools and kit available for the player are incredible. The biggest problem Dreams had for me was that the tutorials are all pretty long winded on simple points and quick to gloss over important aspects. I can’t wait to see what Media Molecule has built with their own tool-set. One of the best things about it right now is custom content but even in an early preview stage at EGX Rezzed it definitely shined enough to warrant getting it in early access. Dreaming of brilliance.

Persona 5 Scramble – 20th February


Let’s get this out the way first; I’ve yet to play Persona 5. Still haven’t gotten around to the anime adaptation either. Persona is a series where I’ve adored the spin off material and the ports to handhelds but never really clicked with the core JRPGs. I do absolutely love to sink my teeth into any and all Omega force/Museo spin off titles though and will be diving into this one with a fresh take to see if it mixes up the formula enough in the way Fate/EXTELLA LINK did (the review for that hidden gem is over here)

Fairy Tail – 19th March

fairy tail.jpg

There have only been 2 Fairy Tail games in the past and this series really does deserve so much more. This looks to be a really interesting JRPG from Gust and Koei Tecmo with what appears to be a focus on combining skills and building up your guild. It all takes place after where the first anime production stopped (and new episodes switched to Crunchyroll) so it’ll be interesting to see what the voice cast do with this. Hopefully there’ll be plenty of amazing action moments and not too much cheesecake.

Doom Eternal – 20th March



Animal Crossing: New Horizons – 20th March

animal crossing.jpg

This game can’t come soon enough. The idea of going away from the harsh reality we current exist within to a happy island retreat of fishing, bug catching and chatting with animals really appeals. I just hope the Switch Pro is a thing we’ll hear about by March otherwise I’ll need to purchase a Switch mini just to be able to play it. Elouise will have the Switch fused to her hands from day one to play this and I really can’t blame her.

Resident Evil 3 – 3rd April


I never played Resident Evil 2 back in the day so I never quite got the hype for the remaster, now 3 has had the same treatment I can entirely understand it completely. Resident Evil 3 was the first game in the series I could play through solo by myself and the very easy mode still somehow instilled a paranoia for Nemesis that has never really left. I’m more than happy with Jill’s redesign and I’m looking forward to digging in through this and seeing what’s new. I just hope the very easy mode returns…

Predator: Hunting Grounds – 24th April


I realise that Cyberpunk 2077 is out on the 16th of April but as was with Death Stranding, it’s a title I’d prefer to play when the hype train left the station. Predator Hunting Grounds looks like a more refined and stand alone version of the Hunt multiplayer mode from Aliens Vs Predator 2 and I’ve never forgotten the fun of that game in uni lab days playing match after match and having an absolute blast. Let’s just hope this stands up for fun and doesn’t let itself get bogged down in microtransaction nonsense or die off like Evolve.

Minecraft Dungeons – April (maybe)


Minecraft 2 but not quite? The idea of diving into a new system of Minecraft is a cause for huge excitement and also huge terror. I can’t imagine clearing any of the content in a reasonable time and there have been plenty of independent games since the launch of the original title that have fleshed out the concept of dungeoneering (dragon quest builders springs to mind) It’ll be interesting to see what an official step out from the building cycle this is and lets hope for the same level of support from Microsoft.

Marvel’s Avengers – 15th May


The more I hear about this the more hopeful I am. What went from a completely generic Avengers film title with zero new ideas and zero interest has jumped to a “definitely need to have a go” game. The plot focusing on Ms Marvel and a new story is enough to be of interest but the idea of an Avengers game that actually tries something different is very appealing. Early preview plays say the sections already built are enjoyable to so lets hope the finished project is assembled in time.

Tales of Arise – 2020 (TBC)


Assuming there are no bumps to 2021 this next Tales of game could be the one that finally breaks the cycle for me. The never ending loop of Tales of games I really want to play but can never find the time for (looks over at the shelf of shiny special editions and sighs) The visual fidelity and pedigree means you’re going to be in for a great game with Arise but it’ll largely depend on the option for Japanese voice work and availability that will cement if this is a title for me. Fun fact, I had a screenshot from the announcement trailer as my desktop wallpaper for months!

Ghost of Tsushima – Q2/Q3


This could easily end up being a Shadow of Mordor like title with the PS4 release being an inferior version of a launch title version for PS5. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong and this stunning samurai story will run like a dream on PS4 and be as fun to play as it is stunning to see. Everything about the combat, story and visual style just radiates polish and amazing design work. Very much looking forward to this one.

Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories – 2020

Screenshot 2.png

It’s looking like 2020 is when we’ll be getting a port of the Japanese exclusive that they’ve had for a few months now. Given it had a paused development due to natural disasters it’ll be interesting to see what Granzella have made here. The premise looks to be similar to previous Disaster Report titles and you have to brave an earthquake destroyed city where your choices will hopefully determine who survives. I can tell you now, not a lot of boomers are likely to make it.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – 2020


I realise the Lego franchise has been driven into the ground for most people but now seems a perfect time to remind people that there are still the occasional stand out titles worth keeping an eye out for. The Skywalker Saga definitely feels like one these gems. Given the original Lego Star Wars kicked off the entire franchise of smashing lego games and still stands up today, this is the closest to a remaster that we’ll get. If you fancy a list of other Star Wars games, that’s over here.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – 2020


Technically Microsoft Flight Simulator is not a video game but a simulator (the clue is obviously in the title) That being said it’s hard to put into words how much fun can be hard with these sort of titles. It’s the same with Dovetail Games’ Train Simulator, you lose yourself in the simulation and just play out some podcasts in relaxing bliss. From the insider program running at the moment MFS looks to be a massive graphical leap from the last entry as well so this could be the perfect podcast companion to break in those meaty graphics cards.

Roller Champions – Q1/Q2 2020


Lets hope this little gem doesn’t get buried in April releases. The E3 playable demo was a frustrating affair due to server extremes but once it was up and running we got a fantastic look at what could be a really interesting action multiplayer e-sport. A new unique game with a huge potential to be the next rocket league, let’s hope Ubisoft score a goal with this one.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 – 2020


Epic store controversy aside; I recon this game is going to be a big juicy meal to sink my teeth into. The main question on every fan of the original PC game’s lips, “Will it let me break the world in my own way?” The enjoyable DeusEx mindset of approaching a task with 15 different ways of handling it. Half the fun with Masquerade was in the messy open world and how deep and glorious it was. The new title could easily hold up with a good story but still this has some big shoes to fill.

Watch Dogs: Legion – 2020 (assuming no delays)

watch dogs.jpg

Originally scheduled for the 6th of March but now a launch game for new consoles. Who truly knows when Legion will finally arrive? Well one thing I know is that when it does the DLC is going to be insane. With the numerous NPC stories and details, the amount of extra content is going to be a Ubisoft record breaker. Regardless of that Watch Dogs Legion appears to be an interesting and unique premise. London after Brexit and a huge dystopia is going to be surreal as we start to live through the early days of this political train-wreck but let’s just hope it’s not that bad.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva – MEGA MIX – 2020 (possibly 13th February)

Yes this is an actual shot from the launch trailer.

WHAT’S THIS?! A NEW MIKU GAME?! Sega really know how to spoil me 😀 oh wait, it’s for the Switch. Still I’m sure re-learning all that muscle memory from X and [] to A and B will be fine, I could even learn to use the new motion controls.. well done Sega. Superb. We both know I’m going to have to buy it just to hear some sweat soft metal jams. Curse my addiction to music games. Hopefully I can share some footage of this one without it being entirely silent.



We’ve not heard anything official but the biggest surprise of 2020 would be if Nintendo don’t announce a new Switch “pro” model or potentially just a slightly updated one. The PlayStation5 is set to be announced properly at the end of the year and Microsoft’s Series X will be the end of the year as well. Both consoles will bring in an age of SSD and RTX to everyone so look forward to never unseeing puddles the same way again! I’m still not sure which of these new systems will have a must have title or feature and result in a space under the TV but given the fact the TV still lacks 4K it’s super unlikely it will be any of them.

What are you looking forward to in 2020? Maybe it’s the kofi link below? 😛


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