The Second best moustaches in video games

We had 2017’s list which was pretty comprehensive if I do say so myself (and I do, I just did) but there was always room for a little more. With that being said and site issues causing a few headaches this month here’s the second best. The runners up that some will argue should have been best last year’s list but what’s done is done now. Let’s move on up, curl those hairs and shine like the wise old fools of yonder;

Cyan Garamonde (Final Fantasy 6) – Not even fearing death!


The Samurai class character for Final Fantasy 6 (or 3 depending on your region) Cyan is an olde speaking member of the party with survivor guilt who originally wasn’t too obvious a choice for this list as the SNES sprite wasn’t too easy to spot the wondrous ‘tache but if you have a closer look at his character portrait or any of Yoshitaka Amano’s concept art and one thing is clear. The mighty moustache.

Old Snake (MGS4) – Augmented Hair

old snake.png

Back in the days when David Hayter still voiced the iconic Snake. This character was gruff, to the point and standing up for liberty even if his facial hair needed augmenting.

Luigi (various) – Still the best brother


Remember the Year of Luigi and how it was the best? It’s been long overdue a return and the stronger brother of the Mario pair always has had a cracking moustache to boot. Simple, refined and much easier to model in 3D.

Dr Wiley (Mega Man) – Mechanical genius


The Dr Eggman of the Mega Man games, Dr Wiley always has a passion for space ships, giant mechs and making sure his hair sticks out at just the right angle. Is it so he can twiddle the tache while making long monologue speeches about how he was right to doom the planet all along? Who knows. I think we can all hope to have such impressively strong hair at that age though.

Dudley (Street Fighter 3/4) – “You have no dignity”


The most gentlemanly fighter to ever adorn the streets. He shares traits with the boxer Chris Eubank and despite his ability to drink tea while still holding boxing gloves (Dudley that is) he still manages to keep his twirled facial hair in fine form.

Mike Haggar (Final Fight/MvC) – Mayor of facial hair


What if Freddie Mercury dropped being a singer, got jacked and became mayor of a town so chaotic you needed to go around with a steel pipe to smash up criminals? Your answer is that Queen would have been a tag team in WWE. Smashing up ruffians but keeping his face in order, Mike has rocked the tache since his early arcade days and still keeps it strong to this day! #HaggarForSf5



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