A video game decade list but not the one you were expecting

I wondered recently why every site is doing a list of “games of the decade” and then checked the date, Blimey this year has flown by hasn’t it! Well everyone seems to be unanimous in the lists, sure there are one or two that nobody can agree on but we all know what a good game is by now right? {if not check last weeks post here} Rather than look at the games over the last 10 years and agree with everyone else I think it would make more sense to look at the cool things we don’t have yet. In a Back to the Future style look at the hover-boards that we still don’t have (no those wheel planks don’t count)

Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon The Trading Card game AR


It still boggles my mind that we are in the year 2019 and the closest thing to this is The Eye of Judgement. Don’t get me wrong, I loved The Eye of Judgement (the video game not the look you have right now) I still have a box for the PS3 camera and stand with around 13 decks and a pile of loose cards somewhere but we still seem to be lightyears away from a holographic system. One that simply projects little 3D figures over cards as you play. This could be due to people not dressing as elaborate planeswalkers or extreme haired anime teens just to play cards but it seems insane that there are no game-land areas where people just get together only to play games like this. The closest to it was that rare Yu-Gi-Oh arcade cabinet that only used ‘special cards’. I know we have local comic stores now providing tables and space for gaming but it’s just not the heart of the cards I was looking for.

An official Pokemon MMORPG

Some people might argue that Pokemon Go is an MMORPG but some people are wrong. Well ok, they aren’t technically wrong but we all know what a Pokemon MMORPG would look like, or at least I’ve an overblown unreal image of one that would never be financially viable to make. As a player you pick your starting character, customise their hair and off you go! Into the world of Pokemon! Picking your generation of Pokemon changes not only your starting location but also your choice of starters. A big huge adventure that encourages raids, challenges and less of a gameplay focus on catching them all and more a underlined goal to get your team to be the very best, that ever was.

Major corps like EA & ActiBlizz realise infinite growth is impossible and start refining titles instead of trying to make all the money


The serious one. I miss when a title was successful that was enough. It didn’t have to sell 3.9million units to hit insane profit margins. It just had to make the studio some money. It would be so nice if we had a Call Of Duty launch with a campaign, a multiplayer mode and that’s it. Just think about that for a moment, a military FPS game with an interesting story and good mechanics, a multiplayer mode where it’s fun to play and you can unlock new titles through playing. That’s it. No Season Pass, no loot crates, no cosmetics and no special editions (except maybe with random merch). This does happen but it’s so rare and sometimes even the publisher can sabotage the release. If Titanfall2 had been launched at a quieter time it could have rocked the world but nope EA needed it to be crushed between new COD and Battlefield. If ActiBlizz could look at all the hard work its content and e-sports creators were doing for it’s Dota clone, perhaps scaled it back a little instead of gutting it, imagine what we’d have for this last Blizzcon as well? It would be so refreshing if profits were good for games and not largely for publisher shareholders.

The SEGA Dreamcast 3

The Dreamcast came out in 1999! 20 years have passed and we still only get slim collections of games and no sniff of a mini console yet. It’s fairly obvious and already well documented as to why the Dreamcast 2 was never a thing but given that it would have been in competition just before the PlayStation 3 we should now be well into Dreamcast 3 territory should it have ever been a success. Hell if it had taken off we’d be looking at having the Dreamcast 4 soon (to get a jump on the Scarlett and PS5) This new console would have a focus on local play and as such the new Dreamcast would come with 4 controllers that slot into the top of the system. You would sign into the system with your own customised controller (the box would include various coloured sleeves, buttons and stickers to change them to your liking) It would finally be the perfect system for Sonic Adventure 3 to launch on.

More Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill


Like it or loathe it Metal Gear Acid was at least something new and experimental with the franchise. I personally played the hell out of it on the PSP and when Silent Hill Shattered Memories messed around with the formula I found myself playing my favourite title in the series. I realise Konami is the shell of its former self but imagine if it wasn’t. If years ago just as Kojima left they closed doors on games entirely and passed off the licences to another company. Arkane Studios would work wonders with MGS refining its other world aspects and stealth gameplay into something uniquely different. Red Barrels or Creative Assembly could work the twisted horror magic and make something different with Silent Hill. Hell if you remove Konami mix Silent Hill and MGS together you’d probably end up with something like Death Stranding anyway.

HD ports of the ‘classic’ 3D Mario titles

Mario Sunshine is now 17 years old and yet the only way to play it is with a Wii or Gamecube and the original game on disc. I know Nintendo horde the classic games like a a tech CEO billionaire hordes his £ but Mario games are getting ridiculous. We’re a few years from a new title (my money is on a Mario64 homage game) but it’s bonkers they haven’t ported any of the previous games to Switch. Everyone figured Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 would be ported to Switch and yet neither have. The closest to it was a rough WiiU port for Galaxy 1 & 2 but it was bare bones and essentially used the Wii emulation. More Mario is never a bad thing Nintendo.


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