Who is the 8th block in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle?

Here we are again! Yes I am still a little disappointed to see Senran Kagura added to BBTAG. The series has largely just existed as shallow brawler games with a luster for boobs and bugger all else. Still it’s not all doom and gloom, we’ve also seen that we’ll be getting some brilliant bizarreness from Akatsuki Blitzkampf and the best news was the addition of an additional RWBY character. New characters are always welcome and BlitzTank looks a little odd but Akutsuki looks pretty amazing. We’ve already a lovely list of potential franchises and characters for the 5th (here) and 6th block (here) There would be a list for what franchise could be the 7th block but we got 2 announced in one big bang trailer for Cross Tag Battle Next 2.0. This leaves us with a new question, what is going in the 8th block? Well don’t worry reader, ElderlyGoose.com has got you covered.

Masahiro Sakurai – Famous Directors

Masahiro Sakurai.jpg

Taking a break from adding characters to smash Sakurai decides to jump into the fray himself. His special moves are overworking, amazing passion and using Waluigi for a shield. There’s an extra single player story mode added where he constantly explains to the BBTAG cast why they can’t be added to Smash. The story culminates with all of the characters standing around asking why they can’t be added and it pushes him too far. Sakurai gets angry and yells, “BECAUSE I’M NOT ALLOWED IN SMASH!” We then find out that originally Smash Bros was called that because he wanted to be in a fighting game with Mario but Nintendo didn’t allow it. The characters admit that being in BBTAG isn’t all that bad and help him calm down and accept that he can’t escape from crossing fate.

U-1146 aka White blood cell – Cells At Work

A white uniform, white cap, a knife and a lot of blood. The inclusion of White Blood Cell and his brutal murdering of opponents shifts BBTAG to an 18 rated fighter. Unfortunately U-1146 doesn’t have much dialogue other than long overly detailed explanations about how important his job is and how he’s just one of many cells. AE3803 – Red Blood Cell makes an appearance but not as an additional character to the roster, for U-1146’s Astral Finish; Red Blood Cell walks on screen and looks lost, standing around and looking at a map. Should the rival go to hit her in any way they will instantly KO as U-1146 White Blood Cell zips across the screen to save the day… and also cut the rival in two spraying blood everywhere.

Cyber Terry (Terry Bogard) – Final Fight/King of Fighters

Cyber T.jpg

Terry is getting everywhere these days and what better game to have him bounce into than a 2D anime fighter? The developers wouldn’t have to work too hard on a move set and animation, they can import all of his data from any of his last cameos and that would do the trick nicely (yes I know it takes a lot more than that don’t @ me). Personally I’d like to see Rock Howard in more games but Terry is the front man and still leads the charge. He appears as DLC for Fighting EX Layer and there is a female version in SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy but that isn’t enough. It’s time to look at classic crazy unique characters like Cyber Akuma and use them as inspiration for an all new Cyber Terry mash up character. It’s just a crazy mistake that they add a Raging Demon distortion special that results in far too many people dropping out of online matches.

Amigo – Samba de Amigo

Not only is Amigo a complete curve-ball nobody saw coming but the team successfully patch into all versions of BBTAG compatibility for the Dreamcast’s original maraca accessory. This leads to hundreds of fighting gamers flooding retro forums and markets desperate for maraca retro controllers forever known as the “shakey shakey rush”. Now you can shake softly for a light auto-combo and furiously samba to get a heavy attack. 3rd Party developers create new maracas for Amigo but this comes too late and Amigo is nerfed to the lowest tier. Doomed to only turning up at tournaments for a joke and shaking away the blues. All of this does however remind SEGA that the IP still exists.

Spider-Man (Miles Morales) – Marvel


Marvel start to get very drunk on power and completely lose track of which company owns what licence for each use of their characters. It starts with the BBC being handed a licence to make a Fantastic Four series and at the peak of the surrealness storm, Arc System Works is handed a licence to the current comic Spider-Man. He does whatever a Spider-Man can! All the movesets from Marvel Vs Capcom 2 make a wondrous return with extra electric and invisible skills blended in which give the character a fresh feel. The strange fallout from this mix of licences results in Blazblue characters crossing over into the Spider-Gwen film and a large numerous of Marvel fanatics furiously researching the Blazblue storylines to try and figure out who will next appear in an Avengers film.

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If you fancy a look at more madness like this check out the 5th (here) and the 6th block (here)


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