E3eeeeEEEee 2019 – The best bits

What a show. Plenty of highs, plenty of lows and plenty of everything else in-between. It seems we’ve a few games coming out at the end of the year, a ton of major AAA titles in March 2020 and not a lot of information on Microsoft’s next console that’s named Scarlett yet all the promo material was grey. Let’s have a look at the lesser known bits and pretend we’ve some awards to hand out and slap on the side of show walls.

Best trailer song

There were a few trailers this E3 which you could tell the game about to be shown from the first few seconds of music. A few nanoseconds into the Final Fantasy 7 trailer we all knew what was coming and this coveted award would have gone to Witcher 3 or the Final Fantasy 8 HD trailers but essentially these are existing games and if we were hearing them for the first time would they have the same level of influence? With that in mind the award is split entirely in two and the parts are handed off to Astral Chain and Songs of Conquest. Astral had an almost Devil May Cry level of rocking beats that caught my ear but Songs of Conquest had this delightful Bards Tale like shanty that was fantastic.

Most shocking reveal

I was all set for this award to be simply Keanu Reeves and his, “you’re breathtaking” moment for Cyberpunk. It caused the world to explode and momentarily forget all the CD Projekt trans marketing issues over the last few years and the stories of horrible crunch. There was the fantastic Watch Dogs Legion trailer showing a granny assassin and the launch of Roller Champions being playable after the show was definitely not expected. Evil genius 2 was hinted at prior to the show but it’s always nice to be confirmed. There were plenty of surprises but then Panzer Dragoon was announced for the Switch and Keanu who? No Kickstarter, No port, just a beautiful remaster.


Biggest flipping of expectations

Nintendo Direct was always going to be a great closer to E3. It did have more surprises than expected and the smash reveals were just brilliant to watch but this is just Nintendo doing what they do best. It’s the same with Microsoft, although there were 60 games shown it was exactly what was expected with no Sony, plenty of trailers and a few mentions of what their next box is going to contain. The one show where my expectations where completely flipped was Square Enix. I went into this expecting a full blown Avengers show, a cgi spectacular that had me forgetting FF7 was even a thing. What I got was FF7 and more FF7 and my god I couldn’t get enough of it, then Avengers was shown and… well… it looks ok I guess. Essentially it just reminded me how much the MCU has moved on since Assemble and how much fun Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is shaping up to be.

Best cgi/barely minimal gameplay trailer

I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating, I love CGI trailers. I know they don’t represent gameplay but they’re the little musical short animations that youtube has been trying to kill off and now just exist to market ideas of games. This year we had plenty and there were so many that looked the same I can safely say there were a few that I thought were the same game. Thankfully along came Deathloop and Ghostwire:Tokyo with their amazing CGI spectacles that not only were brilliant in their own right but were a great reminder of how cool a concept can be when its shown right. Gods and Monsters looked really interesting and CrisTales was technically not cgi but the animation was gorgeous, both deserve a mention but if you’ve not seen the Deathloop or Ghostwire:Tokyo trailers yet give them a look-see (they’re only 2mins each).

Most gutting “oh it’s a mobile app” moment

It happens every E3 and we know it’s going to keep coming. Gone are the days of mobile app companions being announced for big titles, now we have lost IPs brought back to mobile so the companies can keep the licence. Commander Keen was looking pretty interesting a cartoon reboot of its games of yonder but nope it’s now a mobile app. Tom Clancys Tom Clancy all merged into one and it looked at one point like we were getting a Punisher title but it was around this point that we finally saw Sam Fisher on screen at last. Only for it to be a crossover mobile title full of generic shooter characters. Ouch.

Most wallet crushing announcement

Everything is coming out March 2020 but this right here, Every special edition about it. He is coming for my money and he shall have it all.

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