Time for a super special “oh damn I spent all bank holiday weekend being sick and haven’t written what I wanted” PC GAME GIVEAWAY!

Hope you had a fantastic bank holiday weekend (assuming you live in the UK as well!) I spent it flitting back and forth between -1000 and over 9000 degrees on an hourly basis,  all while coughing what can only be described as ridiculously horrible slime gunk from my lungs. Enough indulgent whining aside, I didn’t like anything that was written over the last week enough for you lovely peeps to enjoy so for now it’s time for a giveaway prize draw! You know the deal by now, click the gleam link and you can win a prize!

There are 3 prizes up for grabs and each winner will have 1 selected for them at random! Your chances of winning something tasty have just improved!

First up – Mugsters – Steam

Mugsters title

The Second game you could win – Into The Breach – Steam


Lastly the Third game you could win – Disgaea PC – Steam

Disgaea 1 Complete_20180930171256

The giveaway will run from 10am Wednesday 24/4/19 until 8pm Friday 26/4/19 and the 3 winners will be chosen at random. Good luck!



Hey did you like what you read? Did you enjoy the fact there were no adverts for your adblocker to deal with? Maybe consider buying your old pal ElderlyGoose a Kofi? Just click the link here https://ko-fi.com/A0A18JTG and consider yourself sorted for one good deed done for the day!
I don’t run a Patreon because all the work I create ends up on the site in one way or another and I fund the site myself so any money does directly go to the site to fund the web hosting and such, anything left over will go on games and coffee!

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