SNK HEROINES DLC – Skullo – Miss X – Thief Arthur

SNK Heroines is a hard sell at the best of times. It’s got plenty of kinks and issues but you can check out the review here to find out why it was worth the 4/10. There has always been space for DLC and now we have 3 more characters to the mix. Lets see how much adding in some new and shiny characters has changed things. Are these must have additions that can paper over the cracks or just more fodder for the mess?


SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy_20181117161518.jpg

Good old Skullomania! A lot has changed since their humble origins from Street Fighter EX. They’ve lead the charge in the big brash and brilliantly messy Fighting EX Layer and seems now he’s going to be added here. It looks like the addition to SNK Heroines is in the same vein as Terry. Skullo is a straight up gender swap where she has her traditional skull costume and scarf. This is less annoying than the other character’s outfits for SNK  Heroines but the catch is that there is only the 1 outfit, there is no alternative to unlock. We have 4 different colours to chose from but that’s it. They have added in a new story entry for the voice actor to preform (sorry but it’s the same terrible plot of the main game) And the options have the addition of giving Skullo the announcer job which is a nice touch.

SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy_20181208110226

Is she any good at fighting though? Well the limited nature of SNK Heroines doesn’t help here. You are still restricted to the same controls and forced focus on the random battle items. It’s not all bad news though and the design of the fighting fits Skullomania’s most known movesets. Even her finishing move has a quick pose of a tea ceremony thrown in. It’s also nice to have Skullo fight with wings on and other customisations from the default game but other than that it’s just ‘ok’. Her ending is pretty much an ok pass as well. If your not a huge fan I’m not sure you’re going to get much from this character.

Thief Arthur

SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy_20181208102358.jpg

Who is Thief Arthur? It turns out Million Arthur is a media franchise from Square-Enix with various titles that are largely online ventures. One of the biggest titles is an MMORPG. The Thief in her name comes from her default class and it also explains why her outfit isn’t a twist on the original. She actually dresses with butt cleavage and belts and isn’t shocked at being warped to a new locale only eager to hunt for treasure. She does have one of those annoying high pitched voices but her attitude fits her class. I suppose it all ties together in a way but it does come off as incredibly cringeworthy.

SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy_20181209202703.jpg

Again Thief Archer has only 1 costume, 4 colours and an option to use her voice as the options announcer. Her ending is the most by-the-numbers of the 3 new characters but she does have a nice background for it at least. The main appeal for Thief Arthur is her moveset. Most characters in SNK Heroines have few super moves that allow for combos but Thief has a spiral kick that racks up hits and not only that, It allows easier juggling of your opponent and literal picking up dropped combos. She’s not perfect thought and her finisher attacks are largely useless, requiring such specific timing and zoning that you’ll likely not bother. Another mixed bag of quality with this obscure character.

Miss X

SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy_20181209202733.jpg

Is this supposed to be a gender swap of Iori? Their moveset and ending supports this so why not just call the character Iori? This will the question you’ll be asking until you start unlocking her alternative outfits and quickly realise why she has an X in the name. She has the standard moves you expect with flames and a Kendo training sword super that is a simple smash. Miss X has the same announcer option and ending from story mode but unlike the other 2 DLC she has 2 alternate costumes each with 4 colours.

SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy_20181208110318

The outfit is where the problem lies. Set to default Miss X has a schoolgirl uniform, a surprisingly normal outfit that is pretty good for the delinquent trope. Her second outfit has her dressed in a Kyo from King of Fighters which is refreshing even if her artwork is her pulling in anger at the “I love Kyo” t-shirt. Her third outfit is the male Iori character but dressed in the schoolgirl uniform. There seems to be no adjustment for this and it’s simply the male voice actor for Iori going through the same motions and lines as Miss X wondering how he got transformed into a dress? Another swing and a complete miss.

Let’s hope SNK just leaves it at this and we don’t have anymore characters added.

SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy_20181208104658.jpg

Code supplied by EU Partner Relations at NIS America Inc.
Regardless of the above, They are good doods you should check them out here.

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