Who is the 5th block in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle?

Arc System Works have been tight-lipped about which franchise will be joining in the fray and as we wait with bated breath to find out who will be mixing it up with RWBY, BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena and Under Night In-Birth as the 5th franchise here’s a look at the potential series we could see thrown into the mix. If you’re still on the fence about BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle check out my earlier review here. Sufficed to say it’s a great 2D fighter and worth at least watching at EVO. We all know the most likely candidate for this 5th entry will be Guilty Gear (or is it?) but lets just stick a pin in that and go wild instead.

Attack on Titan

1 AOT.jpg

With Season 3 wrapping up for a mid-season break and with previously successful video game adaptations from Omega Force, now would be a perfect time to add the series to BBTAG. We’ve already seen a previous BlazBlue nod towards this with the colours in Centralfiction for Hibiki Kohaku so why not a full roster of them? No reason to go nuts with the list just add in Mikasa, Levi and a Titan’s foot and there you go. It would be a great opportunity to add in some crazy pocket fighter style supers. Knock the opponent over and have Sasha run across the screen, clutching stolen meat being chased by Armin, Erin and the crew and you’ve a winner.

Fallout 76

With the news that the Enclave and new factions (the Responders sound amazing) have been added to Fallout76 what better time to add them to a 2D fighter for some cross promotion? Pop in some recognisable style of characters; The vault dweller from 101 with a gun (in the same way Monster Hunter was added to Marvel Vs Capcom3) Moira Brown with a variety of trick weapons, quips and mines. Your standard brotherhood of steel as a grappler with a power armour that hisses radioactive steam every now and then. For a robot obscure character add in Yes Man, complete with wobbly arms and catchy disregard for life. It even has scope to add in a unique VATs system for the characters where you get a % metre for shots depending on your AP level for combos. It would be a nice touch to have the character fail a speech check to avoid combat at the start of every round and get a perk at the end of each win or show the skull in the wasteland on a loss.


2 UltHellsign.jpg

Alucard’s manic laughing would fit so nicely to this series. You’ve a gunslinging vampire who can even aim for kills using spear-like lunges what more do you want? Ceres makes an obvious second character and would essentially be a mix of Litchi and Noel, a brilliant backup that wouldn’t look out-of-place in the cheesecake styling. Finish up the mix with old man Walter for interesting string based attacks and quips about being old. There’s always room to have any of the enemy characters at a later date but it gives a strong unique start. A trio of interestingly british dark characters. It would also leave room for Father Alexander Anderson and seeing him dive in for an assist to Integra with a “AHHMEEEENN” would look and sound amazing.

Super Mario Bros

The purple square is obviously there to welcome the new addition of the Mario bros to BBTag. We can expect to see the big reveal the purple square will fade to red slowly zooming in, sliced in 2 for a smash motif and a big white M slowly moving up through. Breaking out of Smash and being increased in size to fit the game, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowsette could make the cut as the new additions. Most characters would obviously be retaining their Smash Bros moveset with new additions. Mario now comes equipped with his super spaghetti sword, Luigi with his trusted vacuum, Peach with her angry umbrella and Bowsette with her powerful punching gloves of justice. Obviously Dry Bones, Rosalina and Boosette will be added as DLC down the line but that will require amiibo connectivity of some sort.

Red Dead Redemption

3 enter john.jpg

Who needs Johnny from Guilty Gear when you can have John Marston? Slowly walking onto screen looking cheesed off and lighting a cigar before throwing it towards the opponent. Guns aren’t a new addition to 2D fighting so having John calling in his trusty stead during combos to attack with extreme horse prejudice would be new. Why not? Add in a dead eye shooting system where slow motion drops the games speed and targets must be lined up, then you’ve a unique take on existing gun mechanics from Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4 Arena. The Zombie horse from the Undead Nightmare expansion would obviously be a playable character to. Complete with nay a horsing around action move set.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

It feels like we should have had a JoJo crossover for years but it just never seems to materialize. Now we finally see it. Stardust Crusaders fits the best with over the top ridiculous stands swapping into the Persona4 system set. Jotaro starting the line up with his classic Star Platinum style of ORARARARARA. Iggy would be added to be the annoying dog character with a tiny hit box that cheats its way to victory against people who don’t know how to do projectiles. Bringing up the end would obviously have to be Dio, simply walking onto screen and shouting, “THE WORLD”. Dio does fit nicely with other BlazBlue characters like Azrael and you could easily fit them throwing in a steamroller or two between them and screaming, “WWWRRYYYYYYYY!!!”

Silent Hill

4 silents of the hills.jpg

Given Pyramid head is now moving into Metal Gear Survive it’s clear that the opportunity for crossover projects with Konami is ripe. Any of the monsters can be moved from any franchise to another without any consistency or worry. So why not add them into BBTAG to? Silent hill 2 protagonist lovely James Sunderland with his trusted 2by4 plank of wood would be a creative addition to the roster. Silent hill 3’s Heather kidded out in the unlockable items would fit nicely with a light saber weapon and obviously obligatory addition of the most psychopathic, horrid, disturbing and violent monster of all, Robbie the Rabbit.


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