Characters that deserve Amiibos

Now that the Switch is in full force and chock full of games it’s time to bring back those plucky little figures in full force. Plenty of great characters have already been skipped over and need the recognition they deserve! Adding in extra silly extras to games and not gated off content but using that little NFC chip that each of these mad collectible toys have embedded to give a little bit more value to your plastic trophy. Here’s just a few of the greatest ideas you’ve missed Nintendo, you’re welcome.
Terrible picture are coming, you have been warned.


Adding a Tournament of Power stage wouldn’t help balance the scale either

We all know Goku didn’t get added to Smash Bros not because of the copyright issues but because he would obliterate the game. There would be no opponent or stage that he wouldn’t simply become strong enough to beat and when everyone’s picking Goku there you go, the balance would be gone. Universe ended and the game becomes a trivial entry in the history of the end of time itself. That being said he still deserves to be immortalised as a mini well crafted amiibo figure. He’s had 101 other various models and statues why not this? You couldn’t add him to smash but having Goku driving a nimbus themed Kart in MarioKart or playing a round of Tennis in Aces would be perfect!


Adding a splattering of retro-blood to give it a more visceral feeling

The trooper that never talks with a lot of personality that could take it all. Why not add a character that can emote? You’ve already ported the game to Switch! Add in amiibo support for Doom to play a mirrored mode of the game or ‘extreme’ extra difficulty unlocking immediately rather than completing the game one time around. His throws of rage would fit into every compatible game, throw in the BFG into Hyrule Warriors and you take on an added dimension to taking down 10,000 Bokoblins.


Some might say, by Force!…. I’ll get my coat

Fresh from The Last Jedi and with a lightsaber in her hand. She would be just as fantastic as the Disney Infinity take on the Force Awakens character. Replacing the stick with a the lightsaber just nets that lucrative Disney Star Wars contract in the bag and throw in some amazing new force powers for extra measure. Rey would be sure to shake up the establishment of the mushroom kingdom and awaken the force throughout. It would also really annoy those crybabies that want to remake The Last Jedi so there’s an added bonus!


The prototype seems to be coming along a little too well

Amiibo work with a lot of titles other than simply Smash and Mariokart. You can look across the library and see how they work with the Switch, Wii U and various flavours of 3DS. Take the charismastic character of Shirokuma (Polar Bear from the brilliant Polar Bear Cafe series for you not in the know) add in some nice details like a flocked skin to the figure and he’s ready for any game to drop in! He gives a little pun and provides some tasty snacks for any game! Pop him on for Pikman and he buffs them with a nice Captain Olimar shaped sandwich, pop him on for Toad Treasure Tracker and he will give you a Star shaped ice cream that doubles your coins! Add in possible future amiibo for Penguin, Panda, Grizzly and Sachiko and bam! Your own spin-off Animal Crossing series cross over event!


You better play nice Psy or you go back into the Blue version!

You can keep your Pikachu, Mewtwo, Jigglypuff, Charizard and Greyninja (and more to come in future I’m sure). Give me my spirit animal of Psyduck. Psyeyeyeyeye that noise the result of its constant headaches that allow it to use psychic powers on foes. Playing on every kart race, every platform and every party game. Adding in the Pokemon that likely has headaches because it realises they are trapped forever in plastic form, forced to be slapped against electronics to transfer their consciousness to new games and be played out in various horrifying ways. They would also be the perfect mix for Splatoon to, sliding in and out of the paint. Let’s go Psyduck!


Yeah I know, but it would be nice if it was on everything?

Stardew Valley has made itself at home nicely on the Switch. Along with Shovel Knight on the WiiU Nintendo has can occasionally nab itself a cracking indie title that although plays well on other consoles really sits nicely on theirs. The only problem with merchandising Stardew is that unlike villager from Animal Crossing your main character in Stardew can be drastically different to any other with no familiar traits. This leads us to look at the NPCs but this isn’t Undertale. Your player could prefer Robin to Penny or really like Harvey (to be fair who doesn’t?) You can’t please everyone. Enter the Junimo. Like the giant yarn Yoshi, this felt champion can unlock extras with the special NFC chip embedded in its butt. Also like Yoshi it can come in a variety of collectable colours!

Tony the Tiger

tony smash.jpg

Picture Smash now. Go ahead, take your time I’ll wait. Got it? Good. You load up the game, the dramatic title plays out and then a pause…. “They’re greeeeat!” Tony smashes his mighty foot on the floor and uses a smash attack of clapping his mighty paws to send every character flying. From the floor where he stuck Frosties and milk erupt and not only wash every character away but fill the screen until Tony with his giant spoon eats them and the title screen is revealed. Bright orange striped suits for your Mii in various other compatible titles and if you throw in extras to customise your Tony as a free gift in the cereal boxes even better! It’s no stranger an idea than an amiibo cereal box….

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