Video games and the tale of the National Lost Sock Memorial Day

Photo 08-05-2018, 17 36 16.jpg
I know this is tenuous but silly days like this are my achilles heel…

Everything has a day now; Butterscotch brownie day, Eat what you want day, National Sleepover Day… so it makes total sense to mourn the lost socks of yonder. It also got me thinking to video games that you lose, borrow, lend out and never see again. Haunted by the empty case or special pins from the limited edition that can never be classed as ‘near mint complete set’ again. In the spirit of abstract sense and lists of nonsense here are some game things you’ve probably lost to time and should take a moment for… in sock form.

A Pokemon cartridge – not one of the good ones

Photo 08-05-2018, 17 36 41.jpg
The lesser spotted Spiderous Sockeum #4234

We all have our favourite Pokemon title. It’s typically the version you started with. Or in my case its a reboot of the original games (leaf green forever!). Still, most of us also have a Pokemon game for a Gameboy system that we didn’t get on with. Be it Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, Diamond, Black or White. I bet when you think back you’ll likely remember buying one of those titles but being burnt out by learning new Pokemon, having to grind at levelling up to beat gyms and it’s forever lost to you as a result. Not kept in near mint with the Gameboy of yonder but lost down the back of the cupboard with that one sock you could never see.
The accepted lost sock that will only be found on moving day.

A game for a console you no longer own

Photo 08-05-2018, 17 37 34
I gotta get outta here fast!

The roof space. A long forgotten land full of treasure and wonders that have been lost to times of old. The only problem with this promised land of bounty is how well organised you were in the first place. Did you pack every game with the correct console? Or was it a case of clearing out the old and not realising it was with someone else? Thrown into a box and forgotten about like so many other loft memories. The odd Master System or Mega Drive cartridge loose in the bottom of a box of knickknacks never to be used again, the system itself was handed down or passed to a charity shop decades ago to make space for clothes, luggage and boxes of other knicknacks. Given a new life past its old.
The sock lost to the past, it’s partner moved on to another use, doomed to be simply rags.

A game you remember lending surely? You just never got it back

Photo 08-05-2018, 17 38 11.jpg
Ah Sonic 3, what ever happened to you? Did I ever have it anyway?

We all have that moment. Your boxing up to move and you put your hands on something. A rogue thought floats through your mind, “is this mine?”. We’ve all shared a washing machine at least once in our lives and with communal laundry comes that chance that one (or a lot more) of your items can get lost to the abyss. It’s already been picked up by someone else and worn as their own. After a while they believe that this sock was always theirs to begin with and you don’t want to ruin things, why would you argue over something so small? The video games of yonder that you recall lending to people but you’re not sure who, when or why. Still you take a moment to mourn the loss before you realise that you didn’t like it enough the first time around to finish it or ask for it back.
The sock you notice on your siblings foot but it’s a sock you didn’t keep an eye on so who cares?

A PC Game where you have the disc but no box

Photo 08-05-2018, 17 37 01
The luckiest sock in the world…

Retro gaming is back and its back in a big way! Giant PC box releases now command obscene prices that only a collector could justify, smaller PC titles are cheaper and the CD jewel cases are now just for sentimental value or the charity shop. The sock from decades ago that no longer fits or is practical for anything but you still keep for sentimental value. It’s long lost its partner but your still keeping it’s importance as it’s special for you. So many PC classics on CD for example, that are easy to pop in, play (or listen to the soundtrack) and simply reclaim that feeling of nostalgia for a few minuites before the reality and limitations come back. That impulse purchase maybe wasn’t worth the retro nostalgia and could have gone towards a new game or socks?
The sock you realise has a hole in but can’t bring yourself to throw away.

A game you have the postcard/art book for but not that actual game

Photo 08-05-2018, 17 37 21.jpg

When you look at your bookcase (clustered with various knickknacks) and notice between the comics, manga, coding books, art-books and collectible mini-figures a random small promotional postcard with artwork from a video game. You just can’t recall the title until you flip it over and realise that you’ve not played that particular entry in years. Ever happen to you? Oh it’s just me then. Still the nagging feeling that you really should have a copy of it somewhere, which lasts until you realise you traded it for a newer model a long time ago and forget it was even worth artwork. Maybe a part of you just really liked it better than the game it was made for? Or more than likely your just forgetful.
The cardboard tag for a set of socks you think ‘must be mine’ but you just don’t remember owning or purchasing, lost to the decades of memory.

A wire for a console or is it an accessory or is it just part of the Christmas lights?

Photo 08-05-2018, 17 38 23
These socks were made for walking but that’s not what they do…

You know the one. Your searching for a phone charger through the wastelands of wires, a utility drawer of Narnia proportions and you eventually give up and decide to sort it. Slowly you start to realise you’ve all sorts of treats and this one peculiarity that you just can’t figure out what it’s for. Like the specialist walking sock from a shoe store you’re pretty sure doesn’t exist anymore. One part Wiimote, one part PS2 controller and 2 parts Parallel Printer socket? Sure it plugs into something and sure it will be important but those days are long past and back into the drawer for another day it goes.
The sock that you just aren’t sure will go with anything but seems too useful to bin.

A disc in a multiple disc game missing

Photo 08-05-2018, 17 37 59
Emojis are still cool right?

This is such an old problem that will get better or worse with age depending on your taste in gaming. The purest of the lost socks. For the new gamer in you, huzza! Never going to be a problem. You just grab a download, update and away you go for a giant epic of a video game in one neat little bundle. For the old gamer in you, oh dear bad luck for the seasoned taster. You get to the end of disc 2 of an old copy you bought for a steal from a car boot only to find disc 3 of FF7 is actually a demo for Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3. You’ll scream in anguish, look around online for a replacement but your moment is gone and the feeling lost. It has become your tainted memory, never reaching the highest of when it once was, it has in fact become, the lost sock of yonder.
The Lost Sock of lost sock memorial day

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