PUBG Edition (Player Unknown Battleground Goose Edition)

Who’d have thought it? HouseHouse kindly sent me an early build of Untitled Goose Game (which by the way looks amazing) and would you believe it? It came with a complete cross over game with PUBG! It turns out annoying the gardener was simply a tutorial for the main game, a ruthless 100 player arena survival game for the most badass goose.

Coming to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Neo Geo Pocket Color and WonderSwan

Obviously the geese can’t hold guns so to attack other goose the player must press a number of  buttons in quick succession to honk the loudest. This startles the opponent and sends them flying out of the arena. The human players can continue in their battle but if they try to attack a bird they are ejected from the game before the bullet leaves the barrel. It’s the Left 4 Dead monster mode but so much more fun.

parachuting in.jpgEveryone leaps off the plane at once so keep an eye out for your opponents


Of course you have to loot items to and even the geese get power ups to! It’s so much fun to collect and kit out birds but careful! The currency of breadcrumbs takes a bit of grinding but you can luck out and collect the premium items of Gardener Garb and that’s just fantastic. The fact that as the area shrinks if your playing as a goose your health isn’t lowered it’s boosted! Changing the dynamic from forcing players together to helping them learn about migration and the need to explore new lands.

gear up.jpgDon’t mess with a fully kitted out goose!


Is it worth the asking price of £1,337? Well yes it not only ticks every box (the dating sim mini game particularly brought a tear to my eye) but the 3 hour epilogue where your goose finally succeeds in throwing off the shackles of oppression and conquers the earth is both heart-moving and makes you think.

11/10 – Finally the perfect game to play on April Fools.


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