Games to play on Valentines Day

….You know its coming, you’ve made plans, you’ve not made plans, you’ve asked someone out and they said yes then no. Well fear not lonesome stranger or even the happy few, Elderlygoose has given it some thought and I have a list of games for you.


Hotline Miami / everything – A tale of romance and action, violence and hate. What more is there to say, this game is great!

Alien Isolation / PS4 – In the Lord of the Rings we all saw bromance between an Elf and a Dwarf, but this is so much better, a human and a Xenomorph!

Papers, Please / PC – A reminder that humanity can be terrible, every morsel of food a nibble, have a relationship past the wall and make sure that your civil.

Persona 4 Golden /PSVita – A reminder that the greatest relationship is with your friends and a psychotic serial killer, Nothing seems padded and you won’t find any filler.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour / DS – Nothing says ‘pure love’ like believing in the heart of your cards and always moving forwards. It really is crazy fun, as you draw a Blue Eyes White Dragon.

DRAGON BALL FighterZ_20180202011335
No love for Android 21 then?

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines /PC – Who needs love? When you can simply max out your skills, then enchant others to pay your bills?

Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom / PS4 – Nothing says love like saving humanity from giant hideous monsters, just be sure to clean the house after and make sure to work on the gutters!

Long Live The Queen /PC – Feel for her highness and try to get her to survive as best she can, I realise your put off by the artwork and I get that, I’m no fan. It’s a really great game though, with a system that cannot be abused. I tell you now, you shall be amused.

Elite Dangerous / PC – Who needs love, when you have all of space and everything above! Hell if you start to remember reality, the solution isn’t far, just get a cheap headset and experience it with VR!

Nier Automata / PS4 – Find out what love between Androids truly means and realise it’s not that far from your dreams. With love in the air, smashing machines everywhere, you’ll breeze through this gem without a care!

Terraria / Everything  – Who needs love when you can build a mansion and adventure for hours? You can level up your suit, harvest, mine deep down and discover new powers!

Ico / PS3 / PS2 – Holding hands, it’s so simple! What better way to show your love for people? In this absolute classic, you’ll lose yourself in its charms and just to remember who it was you were supposed to pick.

Nintendo Land / WiiU – The perfect place to remember that love is fleeting, now it’s a ghost town and the miiverse is dead and there will never again be any meeting.

Eufloria / PC / Ios / Android – Roses are red, Violets are Blue, Why give your partner flowers when you can give them an addictive well crafted game?.. No seriously. It’s that good. Poems doen’t have to rhyme.

Serious Sam / PC – Because this list is so serious and you should be to.

How you doin

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