Games to play after Christmas if you didn’t get what you wanted!

So you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas? I’m sure you’ll enjoy the mug and socks eventually when you’ve cold feet and want a cuppa tea mind! Still here’s some classics you can pick up that will help you release some of that entitled nonsense that your currently feeling.

Vermintide – PS4/PC

Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide_20170724195939
Hopefully the sequel will allow for screenshots….

ye olde left 4 dead is a classic that’s fun regardless of your mood. Blasting swarms and hundreds of monsters should improve anyone’s mood! Just let your anger all flow out into the guns and weapons of choice. Relaxing after in the aftermath just to realise your all alone and you should probably go take a bath. Failing that you’ll get motion sick and then karma will be balanced.

Overwatch – PC/PS4

Lean in and this is the last thing you’ll see.

I realise you hate people but if you play some team based games, learn to rely on people and get through a few stages to success your cold heart might thaw a little. As long as you remember that these people are humans to and not NPCs you’ll work together to a victory or share in defeat with dignity. Also you can pay for some loot crates and get some sprays for a character that you don’t play as, just as you probably deserve!

Destiny 2 – PS4

Destiny 2_20170925095045
Operation Git Gud!

Every-time you come to a public event you’ll be surprised by how many people are willing to lend a hand. People, lovely happy people, running in and helping each other in a time of need. Just make sure to avoid the crucible as that would defy the point of this exercise. Bonus if you buy some engrams and get the wrong colour for you, maybe you can learn to like brown?

Borderlands 2 – PS4/PC

Borderlands_ The Handsome Collection_20150807231429.jpg
Who’s a pretty boy then?

You do need a friend to play this one with so I’m sure this will cause a few people to miss out but you can always rope in a stranger off the internet. Working together, enjoying the loot and humour. Maybe you’ll even find a kindred spirit when you finish the game and both wonder why you did. I’m sure you’ll suggest a new game to play with them and they’ll remember the time you didn’t heal them to take all the loot to so that’s another person off the Christmas card list.

Divinity: Original Sin – PS4

Divinity _ Original Sin Enhanced Edition_20171022004813.jpg
Who would ever want to be caught there!

A forced Co-op? Yuck it’s like the forced mixing for Christmas! Why do I have to do this? Oh wait. The game is amazing! One of the rare treats of a game where you can hand a 2nd player a controller and not only can they do their own thing but they can actually make a difference to everything occurring. Just be sure to speak to the person playing. Even if their the AI and that’s your only friend.

Journey – Ps4

Journey™ Collector’s Edition_20160724140446.jpg
I will never forget you!

It’s beautiful, a sheer joy of wonder and amazement. A reminder that all people aren’t terrible and you should work together for a better future. Who knows? You might even manage to feel something in your cold dead heart before the finish!

Or just look forward to getting drunk at New Years and cheer up you miserable sod!


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