Games to play before Christmas

Ho Ho Ho! Who’s ready for a mince pie and some Christmas cheer? Nobody? Ok well here’s some games to help you feel more jolly!

Christmas Nights into Dreams – Sega Saturn

Christmas Nights
 For those silent nights

Fairly obvious one this. It’s Nights but free!…Well when it was released it was free. I remember Dixons throwing out free copies to everyone and people just not bothering as it was the Saturn (fools!). Essentially a demo for the main game but impressively dressed in Christmas drab. Still the original is a brilliant game and this deserves a go and will fill you with Christmas cheer!

James Pond II: Codename RoboCod aka Super James Pond – Megadrive

The final boss will definitely help your mood, just find a good plaice to play it first!

What an amazing game. No seriously, if you have a Megadrive/Genesis you deserve a copy of this. It maybe Christmas themed but the game itself is just one of a kind never seen before or since. The strangest thing about this classic is the memories always tend to be positive about the music first and the gameplay second and yet I can’t remember the music unless googled. Strange sensation to remember a game being amazing and not finding out why until you go back to play it. Still that’s what James Pond2 is all about for me.

Christmas Lemmings – PC

Xmas Lemmings
No reason to follow everyone off a cliff now!

Lemmings but new levels and a Christmas theme. What felt like just a skin rehash turns out to be a bonus! What better way to improve a puzzle game that’s stood the test of time and then some. If you fancy playing the classic you can even run it in Java on a browser now!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp –  Mobile

Animal Crossing Xmas.png
Just don’t get cross!

Grind for those canes! Play the game and hope for a bonus cane or two just to craft some wintery goodness. Failing that simply visit someone who’s put in a lot more time and money and has all the items and pretend it’s your campsite! I would do that of course had I not already completed the Christmas set. Oh lord the time wasted, still at least now Apollo can be happy!

Assassin’s Creed 3 – Everything except WiiU

Just don’t make an ass of yourself!

The WiiU omission is here as the port chugs and just can’t run smoothly. What better way to get into the Christmas mood than to play around in a snow filled forest murdering the Templar and anyone and everyone who crosses you? The perfect way to unwind after trudging through crowds and ice.

Fahrenheit – PC/PS2/Xbox

 Just be sure to not make any indigo prophecies.

Nothing gets you ready for New Years like a bit of murder and investigation. Just be sure to stop playing the game around 2/3rds through when it becomes Aliens. Set in deep frozen, snowy, New York in January but enough winter misery to remind you of the Uk in December.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games – Wii

EB-Wii mario and sonic.jpg
For now just make it through the Winter… Games

Time to get together, play some terrible mini games, rage out at the console (as it’s clearly that at fault) and agree that you should be playing charades. Nothing bonds a family together for the Christmas mood than a terrible collection of barely functional party games! If you fancy a better game try the London Olympic games (the pinnacle of the series).

Merry Christmas everyone!


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