Great Videogame – TV Show Mashups

For no particular reason and in no particular order, here are some particular pitches.

Sonic Jackass.jpg

RINGS – (Sonic R) – Sonic the hedgehog and his entourage star in a “jackass style” show. Where they get together and do stupid stunts to see how many creative ways they can get rings knocked out. The series is cut short when knuckles punches a mound of c4 and accidentally blows up half of Detroit.

Castle is Missing
*Walks into a grizzly murder*…..*clicks fingers to jazzy theme song*

YOUR PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE – (Mario is Missing) – Luigi is a light hearted plumber who has to make sense of the human world through gruesome deaths resembling his best works. He teams up with the current best detective in the precinct and their relationship grows over the series. The deaths keep pointing to a secret organisation called “the palace guard” and with each death he comes closer to the dramatic reveal that the leader was his brother Mario.

Big Space Brother Channel 5.jpg
To be broadcast exclusively on BBC Three

IN SPACE NOBODY CAN HEAR THE CHICKENS – (Space Channel 5) – Hosted by Ulala, A big brother experiment where Master Chief, Doom Guy, Commander Sheppard, Kerrigan, Samus and Generic Space Marine from Warhammer 40k interact and coexist on a space ship only for the loser to be voted out… of the airlock. Everyone is surprised when it turns out Nasty Nintendo was cheating.

uncharted brexit.jpg
Nothing can muzzle perfect hair

IT WAS ON A BUS! – (Uncharted) – Nathan Drake stars in a show that looks into Britain’s plans (the lack of) for Brexit. He teams up with plucky host Lara Croft to look into how it happened but the series feels hollow as Lara continues to avoid questions on her Manor’s charity tax status. The docu-series will ask the questions nobody want’s to answer, push the boundaries nobody understands and eventually get a spin off series about Lara’s favourite ways to murder endangered species.


THE THREE TIERS OF YARNHAM – (Dark Souls) – The next great British bake off rival, where husks of people who have had to work ridiculous jobs compete with each other to make the gods of yonder happy with their offerings. The Star baker is awarded a humanity and the loser has to void all of their souls collected over the show. Hosted by Chris Evans.

  • Note the terrible photoshop is fitting to the terrible ideas.

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