Tasty Tie-ins

So with Shadow Of War dipping into food promotion and Destiny2 skipping red bull and going straight to pop tarts what does the future hold? Well I’m here to tell you, it’s tasty!

Mario Odyssey + Galaxy Chocolate = Galaxy Red Velvet Edition

“New Silkier feel”

Missing out on the obvious Mario Galaxy tie-in Galaxy chocolate are now all set to produce a special “red velvet” bar especially for the release of Mario Odyssey! The tag line goes, “Tastes so good you’ll feel possessed by a demonic hat to!”.

Yorkshire Tea + Total War: Warhammer II = Yorkshire Warhammer

Yorkshire TEA
Tea will be drank and DLC will be had!

“Tastes of WAAAARRRR”, Yorkshire tea are no strangers to videogame promotion. They have been busy working with Creative Assembly to produce a double caffeinated teabag that will bring the taste of orc, Assam and Victory to your lips.

Overwatch + Oxo = Great Gravy Season

OXO loot crates.jpg
These special timed skins will be deep, rich and make potatoes delicious!

Seasonal skins are always welcome in Overwatch. How do you improve on that? Well what better way to add flavour to your Overwatch experience than a voucher for Oxo cubes? Each one a different flavour! Well actually their all beef except for one or two onion and the rarest chicken.

Just Cause + Jelly Beans = Just Jelly Belly

just jelly belly.jpg
Explode your taste buds!

Will you pick exploding fuel, smelting rubber or rush enduing menthol? Every flavour of gourmet luxury mixed into a box. Flavours hidden in colours. Why? Just ’cause.

Xbox one X + Chewits xtreme = … Xtreme Chewits

chewits xtreme
Don’t be a sour gamer!

A warning to Microsoft and Xbox owners that can pay off if enjoyed at the right time. Taste the zesty flavour and then wonder why you ever bought them in the first place. Just make sure you don’t bit off more than you can chew.

Obviously all of these brand promotions are secret at the moment so enjoy your tasty knowledge and be sure not to leak them accidentally!


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