Concept game: Wonder Woman – The Movie Videogame

Another videogame Idea/concept I’m sharing with you lovely people.

God of war meets the Goddess of kicking ass, a short refined “experience” similar in length and graphical prowess to The Order but priced right and not terrible.

Screenshots taken from the amazing Trailer for the Amazing Film (ended up seeing it twice, once in 2D and once in 3D) Seriously go see this film when you next can!

In a more classic Ps2 videogame of the movie style. Uncanny valley 3D models, plot of the film, occasionally a comic book reference added. It wouldn’t be too demanding to make engine-wise but heavily demanding on making assets (even in a heavily stylised way). Gameplay would be broken up into 3 sections, combat areas where you needed to beat X amount to continue using her lasso/sword/fists, Light platform areas (similar to uncharted) where you have to get from A to B via fairly obvious platforms and QTE {- Quick time event} extravaganzas (Similar to Naruto Storm/Azura’s Wrath) where your typically pressing buttons to progress the scene correctly.

Naruto Storm nailed these, you feel like your mashing of the buttons adds to the visual spectacle happening (and typically it does).

The game would follow the story of the film. So I’ll break down how I see each interactive section (the parts in between are cutscenes):


Training on Themascura would act as a tutorial for the controls and a way to progress the origin. Starting as a child listening to her mothers story, then escaping out of her room at night (climbing outside the castle, leaping, jumping to the training grounds). As she progresses through the platform sections she grows and time passes (as shown with things like the plants changing through the seasons). We hear the story of how she was as a child, a teen etc voiced by her mother as the player progresses. When she reaches the training grounds at night she learns combat from her Aunt and is found out by her mother. You then have the first QTE for the final training as a fully grown amazon, the scene is essentially everyone throwing everything they have at the player, culminating in her gauntlets bursting with energy and knocking her Aunt back.


The first fight is on beach. Akin to the film 300 or FF8 where other fights are going on around her and you have to fight off the Germans.

Breaking into the armoury is the first non tutorial platform section. Has light stealth elements (windows where lights are on waiting to jump past when dark again).

breaking into armoury

In London with Steve dressed as a civilian there’s a bit of combat in the alley to break up the cutscenes as the London area covers a lot of exposition for the narrative.

in london

After the plan (possible extra stage for a bar brawl?) she has to fight through trenches, this would essentially be a timed combat run. The player would need to defeat a number of soldiers before the guns start again and a QTE event occurred causing her to hold her ground until they need to reload.

on the field

After this would be the fight to take back the village, taking on soldiers in buildings and working her way to the square where after a boss battle with a tank (QTE event) she would then platform up to the sniper nest to take him out.

Changing the order so that this is what happens to the sniper instead

After the celebrations and Steve finding his way into the party, the player would need to platform into the party at the castle (in that dress with the sword!), Hanging from a windowsill she would hear Steve trying to seduce the villain which deepens her resolve. The party is a QTE to blend in and try to kill the general.

the party

A possible additional side game; After the cannon is fired the player races to get back fighting on horseback being chased by soldiers. Similar to the simple cloud bike mini game in ff7.

It could even be Steve on the bike instead

She then heads to the base. The entrance and lead up being a platform section to break in. With occasional combat from patrolling soldiers.

the tower

The fight with the general is the same combat but a boss character. Starts in the watch tower (larger than the film more like a fire tower) with items being thrown, then ends on top with him taking too much power gas and nearly hulking out.

the general

After Steve and gang turn up and she finds out about The God of war the final fight with final boss would be a few parts. Combat at first where the villain ghosts around, a QTE where he changes to Ares, combat where your losing, QTE where Steve dies and she loses it and just as she’s about to crush the poison Doctor with the tank the QTE fades away and you fight Ares in normal combat but on equal ridiculously powerful states.

vs ares

We get a nice scene after showing everything is resolved, then Credits.

Game over.

The option to reply on a harder difficulty also unlocking bonus outfits and or playing the entire game as alternate costumes would be unlocked (As well as film art/concept material).

There is a crazy amount of assets for this and extra locations game types making this an asset monster with the only originality being the source material but visually powerful games have been like this before.

So if you’ve read this far and your hyped then get building! Well until you get a cease and desist or realise you can’t afford Gal Gadot.

Or just develop crazy powerful gas that can do anything the plot requires

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