Games to play – if you’re still salty the next Doctor Who will be a woman

So you’re upset, likely you live in a basement, rarely see any other women than your mum and hate your existence. It’s surprising you’re not upset more often? It’s ok, these games will help put a smile on your face and get ready for the best doctor who actor the series will likely ever have.

Beyond Good & Evil

It’s on PC to, it was even Free if you got it then… Cheapskate.

Fairly obvious choice, Jade is a great main character who investigates wrong doings but ends up in trouble for it and doesn’t that sound familiar?

Mirrors Edge

Not Faith, this is Celeste. Just as awesome.

The game is all about running, have you seen Doctor Who? Lots of running. Know who the main character is? Faith, a bad-ass woman who drives the story with a lightning pace. It even has a little combat if you can’t stand not hurting anything for 5 minutes!

Mass Effect 2

You can even customise your own Shepard!

Fem-Shep is better than male-Shep. Sorry it’s just the case. No, seriously, Have a go, right now, no really, I’ll wait…… see? Space, aliens and drama. It’s only missing Darleks and to be fair the reapers are essentially a much more boring version of that anyways and you prefer boring right?


Even Bayonetta manages to add in a clumsy male sidekick, so you can live your dreams of running after your fantasy!

Aside from the obvious. Bayonetta’s personality is just as spicy and works brilliantly. The games now on the pc and can be tweeked to 4K 60fps so you can spend hours measuring your fraps!


HD. Because now you can see the pure wolfy goodness.

Amaterasu is a female fox, did you notice? No, you didn’t. Don’t lie, you remember how that’s a bad thing. Did it make a difference? No. This is the point of all of this messy nonsense with Dr Who. You won’t even notice.

So that’s it! I’m sure there are others you can play and if you still have a problem but failing that please email this customer service team I’ve setup especially for you.


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