Concept – Spin Doctors

Mobile sim/clicker game.

The Thick of It
Think The Thick of It mixed with Spin City

You work as a government spin doctor/GP. Every hour or so a RND generates an event that you have to “spin” while also managing your waiting queues as a GP.

Your boss is the same for both jobs and belittles you for one (the GP) and created problems for the other (the spin). If you don’t keep to your targets as a GP you lose your job (game over) and if the ‘event’ doesn’t go well enough times your boss blames you and you get fired (an MP would throw the spin under a bus to keep their job).

The game is broken up into 2 screens both full screen, you swap between them and only see a meter for how busy the other side is getting. The left side is the GPs room, the desk on the right of the screen patients coming in the left. The right side is the Spin room. The player doesn’t have a desk but there are multiple and the events pop up on desks at any time. Swiping between the rooms shows the “boss” and their current mood/level.

Various difficulty types.

Blue days – hard gp (lots of patients) , low spin (evil is evil and nobody seems to care)

Red days – easy gp (well funded nhs), lots of spin (the press hate them so nothing is right)

Yellow days – average gp (nothing changes), average spin (nobody cares)

Green days – rnd spin (some days quiet others manic), rnd spin (some days go well others tragic)

Purple days – fail gp (can’t win mode), fail spin (mp punches you and fires you on first day.

Gp mode

Patients come in with different coloured blobs on them (50 shades of green) and you have to diagnose them by the colour and then chose a prescription based off the ailment. Fairly complicated so it can become a balancing act between getting them out the door and giving them exact treatment.

Eg, person walks in with lime green blobs, you check the books and it says they’ve Spickleson Syndrome. The player then choses a treatment. Either the generic “stopgap” that only has a low % of curing it (10) which likely results in them coming back with the same issue but it’s at the top and cheap and easy with a bit button. The correct medication is buried in the list and a small button.

Spin mode

*able to swipe left for gp game right for spin mode*

Spin mode has a facebook, tweet, news or TV interview event pop up and start slowly expanding and you have to ‘spin’ them until they turn into ‘good’ news, otherwise they balloon larger until your made a scapegoat and fired.

End goal

If you make it through your bosses term as an MP they evaluate your performance and decide if they keep you on for the following year. If you didn’t quite make it you can risk bribing them (but this can cause consequences down the line)

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