Resident evil 7 teaser X Pokemon

A little idea Alex and I had, which I fleshed out over the week. Enjoy.

Resident Evil 7 teaser demo, slightly cell shaded (black outline over existing textures).
The house now full of dirty, rusted, filthy pokemon merchandise.

You wake in the lounge to find a mannequin dressed as ash’s mum sitting on the sofa staring ahead. A notepad on the table saying, “I love you son/daughter”. You explore the lounge, all the pictures on the wall are of Professor Oak, Ash’s mum, a newly discovered pokemon and a torn out face (as if all the pictures originally had a 3rd person not shown).

You leave the room to the first corridor and under the stairs is a cupboard filled with dirty torn pikachu plushies hanging by coathangers. When you inspect them you hear a distorted gameboy colour speaker say “pikkkaaachhhhuuuu”.

The drawer no longer has a finger but a broken pokedex.

As you see the stairs a gastly appears and fades away, the Lavender town music plays softly.

You enter the kitchen to find it a half kitchen half makeshift laboratory. On the table is a large cooking pot, inside are bits if catterpie and weedle. In the microwave is a burnt overcooked fully feathered pidgy, opening the fridge to find it empty except for a thick purple liquid with multiple ditto eyes rolling to the floor.

As you walk to the other corridor you find a vending machine chained up softly humming as the inside light flickers, you insert a pokecoin and a vhs tape falls out. If you examine the contents of the machine you can see not only drinks of water and lemonade but also dead rattata and Vulpix. If you try to leave when you reach the main door to find it locked a dismembered eevee plushie will fall on you from the ceiling (face first).

As you make your way back to the lounge you can faintly hear the pokemon cartoon theme playing from the roof above mixed with the sound of heavy wood being dragged across the floor.

You put the vhs on and sit down by the TV on the coffee table. The vhs appears to be a news report on “Gruesome Mr Mime murders”. It seems to be about how a Mr Mime had one day gone insane and murdered a woman and her lover then killed itself in the basement (it shows how the house -which is the house your in but during better times, had a secret entrance revealed by the fireplace chain.

The TV turns off suddenly and when you turn around the mannequin is gone. After you pull the chain under the fireplace a small wall panel moves and inside is a large hole leading to the basement (no ladder to get down) and a table with a pokeball snapped in half. In one side is a key with a labelled keychain “Front door”.

You hurry through the house. Put the key in the front door. As you open the door, A tall dishevelled adult male in Pokémon red attire clearly two sizes to small pulls you back. “Welcome to Pokemon Sun” and smashes a gold/silver pokeball in your face knocking you out.

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